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Punch Pops

Neil and the boys got me a few fun things for Christmas: The book and ice pop molds were on my wish list, but still, they’ll never convince me that they weren’t selfishly-motivated with these purchases. It reminds me of the year I got Neil an answering machine because I wanted one. Or the year […]

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Project :: Granny Square : Christmas Table Runner

I got one other Project::GrannySquare object finished in time for Christmas gifting.  This one is a table runner made with 20 squares.   Project #7: Christmas Table Runner For: My aunt + uncle Squares used: 20 (1 six-round multi-color, 12 five-round multi-color, 3 five-round one-color, 1 four-round two-color, 1 four-round one-color, 1 three-round one-color, 1 two-round one-color) […]

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Project :: Granny Square : Pillow Set

Does anybody here remember Project::Granny Square? I don’t blame you, if you don’t. I took an unintentionally long hiatus from the project when I got sidetracked by the shiny and the new (also known as sweater knitting and building of my own from-scratch granny square blankets, among other things). Here it is in a nutshell: I […]

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The theme of this week’s last-minute gift-making spree appears to be “squares.” There are charm squares in the quilt top, and my grandmother’s granny squares in the pillows and nearly-finished table runner. Squares and vibrant colors. Wheeee! Neil nearly had another heart attack* when he walked in last night and saw all of that color […]

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Cousinly Vests

I know I should save this post for after Christmas, and after the gifts have been safely distributed, but darn it, I need a little cheer right about now, after a weekend of thinking about terrible, terrible things that continue to linger in my mind. These four coordinating vests for four cousins do cheer me up […]

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Last-minute loom-knitted gifts

[UPDATE as of October 2022: Nine years ago, I published this blog post, because I had taken my three loom-knitting eBooks and put them together into a single collection. That collection is no longer available, but I do have the three individual patterns (plus two new ones) available in the Loom Knitting section of the […]

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