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Thank you so much for all of the great comments and suggestions regarding my teeny tiny shawl! I decided to try a combination of suggestions. First, I re-blocked it. An hours’-worth of stretching and grunting, pinning and re-pinning, won me a precious two extra inches. That’s not a whole lot, but I think it actually helped a bit.

Then, I pinned it to the front of the dress using my grandmother’s cameo pin.

I like it. I still only intend to wear it if I get chilly. This is most-likely the dress I am going to wear, and I really love it without anything covering it up. Thanks for your suggestions! I’m glad I will actually be able to use this shawl, after all.

And while I wait for Sunday, I have it hanging between two cabinets in the dining room – maybe I’ll stretch a few more inches out of it yet!

On another topic, did you know I have a new tutorial available? More on that later in the week, I hope, but here’s a link for now: Check it out.

And on one last topic, did you know I have a new mailing list for you to join? If you’d like to be notified when there are new tutorials, patterns, and ebooks available in the shop, sign up for the mailing list, and I will be sure to inform you!

Ok, that’s it for me and this quickie post today. Things to do, people to see, dontchaknow!

Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “Followups

  1. Do you have a link to the pattern that you used for this shawl? It is beautiful!

    1. Yes, I do! It’s called Remember Me and it’s by Lily Go.

  2. Lisa, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it with your dress. You really should wear it regardless – so pretty. So glad you were able to stretch it a bit. Love it with grandma’s pin!

    1. Thanks, Lynda. It worked out pretty well, I think. I actually only wore it a little bit. Neil’s cousin was cold at the reception, so I let her use it. She’s much more petite than I am, and it was a great size for her 🙂

  3. This looks totally great! Really, it’s perfect! That extra couple of inches really did the trick — and the cameo is a perfect accessory!

    1. Thanks! I’m finally happy with it. Believe it or not, stretching it between the two cabinets in the dining room got me another 7 inches! It’s still smaller than I wanted, but I was able to work with it for the wedding, and I am really looking forward to using it as a scarf with a dark tee when the weather gets cooler.

  4. New reader here. Because you’re still fretting about it, maybe, just maybe, if you hung small weights spaced evenly along the edges of the shawl and used a hand-held steamer, leaving it hanging with the weights on it until the wedding, maybe steaming it a few times, it might stretch out a little bit more. You could attach weights to rulers that you would clamp along the edges so the weight is distributed evenly. Or just use heavy clamps evenly spaced along the edges. Use some muslin or washcloths in between the shawl and what you’re clamping to it to avoid rust or other stains on the shawl. I regularly use metal clamps that have a rubber caps on the clamp ends for various projects, and they’re heavy enough by themselves that I also use them to weigh down fabrics.

    1. Thanks for the tips. I did hang some spools of thread off of some of the edges, and I pulled it taught between two built-in cabinets in my dining room. It got me an extra 7 inches or so, which was really great. The wedding was a week ago, and I was happy with the way it worked out. I still would have preferred it to be bigger, but it will work just fine as a scarf, and next time I make a shawl, I will know to add some extra rows if it is looking too small to me. Live and learn!

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