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A yarny world

A basket of crochet and a frozen coffee drink in the evening. Granny square sweaters from 1975 in a library find. More vintage granny squares from the same book. A basket of crochet and hot coffee the next morning. Is there any doubt where my head is at lately? I would have thought by now my little love affair with crochet would be waning, but it seems not.

I resisted the lure of that basket this morning, drank my coffee, ate my Luna bar and vitamins like a good girl. I even exercised a little bit (wonder of wonders!)

But hook-in-hand or not, I’ve got it on the brain. I’m thinking about a second blanket to go with the as-yet-unfinished Granny Square Sampler, both of which could live in the van with the new pillows. I’m thinking about a tiny sweater for the new niece we will meet late this fall (yes, a girl will finally be joining the cousinly ranks, after all of these boys!) And believe it or not, I am seriously thinking about a version of that granny square sweater in the second photo for myself (the blue one on the left). My family is trying to dissuade me from that last idea, but I think in the right colors, it would look great with a close-fitting tee and a pair of jeans.

And when I’m not thinking about crochet, I am thinking about loom knitting. I don’t do much of that myself anymore, but I’ve had requests for more tutorials since I wrote up the neckwarmer one, and I’ve been playing around with some ideas that I hope you’ll like.

My world is an exceedingly yarny one right now.

How about you? Any projects (or potential projects) getting you fired up right now?

Posted on 20 Comments

20 thoughts on “A yarny world

  1. I’m with you, I’m been very addicted to my granny squares. I did start a second blanket, this time a baby one, with my own owl square design. I also have 5 pairs of mittens in the works to keep my knitting skills up too.

    1. That owl square sounds intriguing. I’d love to see it!

        1. That’s adorable! I may have to work one of those into a project sometime. I have an aunt who has always loved owls. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I’ve been having fun learning to make chain mail lately. Last month I went to an event where someone auctioned off a Jayne hat (from the sadly defunct TV show Firefly); I bid on it but didn’t win, so I decided to learn to make my own. I got and made a few beginner kits for bracelets (my favorite is the Byzantine weave:, and then tackled the hat (, and just yesterday I finished a necklace to go with my Renaissance fair costume ( – close-up: I’m going to make some other pieces to match it, and I will also probably make a set of jewelry (necklace, bracelet, earrings) for my mother for Christmas — haven’t decided exactly what yet, but I have plenty of time, considering that I’ve made 3 bracelets, a hat and a necklace in a little over a month…

    1. Chain mail doesn’t usually grab me, but I have to say, I do really like that Byzantine weave bracelet!

      1. I never cared about chain mail until I saw the Jayne hat, which was just silly enough to make me want one. I probably won’t do any other 4-in-1 things (that’s the weave pattern in the hat, which is pretty much what most people think of when they think chain mail), but now that I’ve gotten started, I’ve found lots of jewelry that I think is really neat.

        1. It’s funny how silly projects can spark interests that actually end up being kinda classy 🙂

  3. Oh yeah – start a trend with that granny square sweater, although a baby girl sweater sounds awfully tempting. Me – I started a nothing fancy Christmas quilt this morning. We’ll see. Take care – Byrd.

    1. You seem to be of the minority opinion as far as the granny square sweater goes 🙂
      A Christmas quilt sounds nice. You are thinking way further ahead than me!

  4. By the way, I have to cast a vote against the granny square sweater — sorry, but I think it’s horrible! 🙂

    (Feel free to prove me wrong, though…I’ll happily eat my words if you make it and I think it looks good!)

    1. Oh, where is your sense of adventure?!
      I will take that as a challenge 🙂

  5. Some things – the granny square sweater – are not meant to be revived past doll sized. My granny made us sweaters with little squares. Not technically granny squares but still. 30 years later, I’m not sure I’ve overcome the trauma.

    On my table is clay – I have pieces in progress for all of the upcoming shows on this table and across the studio there are the jewellery makings. Lots of autumn related things.

    1. I assure you, when I revive the granny square sweater, I will do so with much more style and class than the tacky acrylic squares of the 70’s ever could, LOL!

  6. I only wish I could make crochets like that! My mother tried to teach me at a stage (lol teenager) where I was of course not interested. I can remember her making sweaters, (doll) blankets & bags when I was little.

    Seeing the magazine from the library in your pictures brings back many, many memories from the 70’s! Knitting & crochet was so big back then. I wonder if I would still be able to learn now?

    1. I only learned how to do this a year ago – it was a lot easier to pick up than I expected! I watched a few YouTube vidoes, and then I took a Craftsy class from Linda Permann, and the rest (as they say) is history. Here’s more on that class, if you’re interested.

      1. Only a year ago? That’s incredible Lisa! I will check out Youtube and the Craftsy class. Thanks Lisa!

        1. You’re welcome! Yes, it’s only been about a year, but I’ve been highly motivated in that time 🙂

  7. I was so delighted to find your website as I meandered on Pinterest tonight. Your prose is fun, and your loom knitting instructions are accessible to me (the most novice of loom knitters – novice like the loom is still in the box). I am delighted to read that you are thinking of more loom knitting patterns to teach us. I think I will reward both of us by purchasing a copy of your loom pattern book. Have a lovely day.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Jackie, and for the nice words! As a matter of fact, I am working on a new loom project as we speak. If it works out, I’ll be recording a new video as well as publishing the pattern. Stay tuned 🙂

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