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Sassymetrical, but not really

I finally got back to a project I’d started back in October or so: my second Sassymetrical.  Sort of.  I made my first, much in the spirit of the original pattern (i.e. same general shape) but with some modifications to deal with the different gauge of my yarn and the different curves of my body.  […]

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Project: Simplify, week three

I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to concentrate my cleaning efforts on the most public places of the house – the living room, the kitchen, any of the places that I can’t really hide, if somebody drops by.  When I have the time and inclination to clean, I always start with […]

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Project: Simplify week two

This week our mission was paper clutter.  Oh, man, do I have my fair share of that!  There’s the kitchen table, which attracts mail and school papers.  There’s my desk, which has been host to a growing pile of who-knows-what for something like three years.  There’s a corner of my kitchen that I have set […]

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In order to blog about something…

…you generally have to do something worth blogging about. If I’ve been exceptionally quiet around here at any time, it’s usually because I have a shortage of leisure time in which to do anything creative or interesting.  Or maybe I have had leisure time, but I’ve spent it watching British mysteries and knitting another five […]

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Beginner Button Class – Taking it to the next level

I hope by now you are running your fingers through a big bowl of buttons you made yourself!  I also hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about polymer clay. Some of you have asked questions about the process I use to make the buttons I sell.  While it is beyond the scope of […]

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Beginner Button Class – Using your leftover scrap clay

So here we are at Week Five.  We’ve learned how to make four different types of buttons, and we have a small pile of “scrap” clay leftover from the last two lessons.  Today I’ll show you how to use techniques we’ve learned in class to turn those scraps into a nice little pile of bonus […]

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