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In order to blog about something…

…you generally have to do something worth blogging about. If I’ve been exceptionally quiet around here at any time, it’s usually because I have a shortage of leisure time in which to do anything creative or interesting.  Or maybe I have had leisure time, but I’ve spent it watching British mysteries and knitting another five rows in an endless shawl.  Not exactly the best blog fodder, is it?

Today I was supposed to be talking about week two of Project: Simplify, but as it turns out, I’ve only managed to clean up one itty bitty part of the assigned “hot spot.”  I have one big part that I was going to tackle yesterday, but you see, the sun came out and everything got lovely and warm and I suddenly knew I had no choice but to act on the urge that had been slowly building for months: I had to sew a new wrap skirt.


Not only did I have to sew a new wrap skirt, but I also had to photograph every step so I could write a tutorial for the download shop.  And I had to shave my legs so I could wear it.  And, I had to do all of that – plus scrounge some lunch – before 1:00, when I was due to work my volunteer shift in the school library.  This is how all of my projects seem to go… I think about them, and think about them, and think about them some more, but I don’t spring into action until roughly 2.5 hours before I need to be somewhere, and, oh yeah! I want to wear the new project, too, when I go there please.

Well, I did have a success in this again, much to my amazement, but I can’t really post about the skirt because I haven’t finished the tutorial.  And I can’t post about Project: Simplify because the skirt-making pre-empted the hot-spot-cleaning.  So here I am, scratching my Friday morning blogging itch by posting about nothing at all.

Once I’m done here, I am going to throw open all of the windows (we’re expecting 70 degrees today!!) find some Netflix to stream (I’m thinking Doc Martin, or Life on Mars, or The Rockford Files – or maybe an episode of each) and hunker down to the business of cleaning up my big mess.  With any luck, I’ll have some progress to post about tonight.

The skirt tutorial I hope will be done in time to post on Monday morning.  The download shop is way overdue for a new freebie-of-the-month(ish) and this is the perfect time of year to get into a wrap skirt!

P.S. Not related to anything at all, but last night I decided that since I’d pretty much ignored St. Patrick’s Day that I should try a bit of Bailey’s Irish Cream (with a hint of mint and chocolate) over ice.  Wow.  Where have you been all my life, Bailey’s?  I’m not even Irish, but I think that maybe I need to celebrate St. Patty’s for the next few evenings, too…


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