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Plaid shawl pin giveaway


I realized yesterday that I hadn’t made a millefiori cane since January.  January! How did that happen?  longest. dry spell. ever.

So you know that small counter space I cleaned off yesterday? Well, I filled it up with clay paraphernalia.  And I made myself a plaid cane using colors that I thought would complement my new cropped cardigan nicely.  And then I used the cane to make a shawl pin.

And, because I am all about doing things in the least efficient way possible, I photographed every step.  Soon, I will sit down and write up a detailed, well-illustrated explanation of how to construct a plaid shawl pin, but not today.  Today, I will give you a sneak peek at the process – a gift for those of you who are experienced enough with this clay thing not to need words.



But wait.  There’s more 😀

You see, I actually made two shawl pins: one for me, and one for you.  Leave a comment on this post before midnight on Saturday, if you’d like to win the one pictured below.  I will choose a random comment on Sunday (or maybe Monday – a girl’s gotta have a weekend to relax, right?).


Good luck, and spread the word!  Bonus entries for retweeting if you use the little blue “retweet” button in the “share the love” box at the end of this post 🙂

[update: comments are closed and I’ll be back later to announce a winner! –Lisa]

Posted on 51 Comments

51 thoughts on “Plaid shawl pin giveaway

  1. That is so awesome! and interesting to see the process! What a great giveaway!

  2. That is GREAT!! Awesome Giveaway ^___^

  3. The brooch is too darling!! You have gotten me so interested in checking out this ‘clay thing’ now….maybe I’ll have to give it a go 🙂

  4. Oh! I retweeted AND shared on Facebook 🙂

  5. I love love the colors! I unfortunately do not speak “clay”…Ive tried and studied and yet it remains a foreign language to me! I eagerly await a tutorial on this!

  6. I love the picture instructions, I usually don’t read the instructions even if I have them.

    and I keep thinking about your cute little comment about wearing a shirt with my sweater…if I win this, I won’t have to worry about that, would I? ha ha

    Thanks for the chance!

  7. welcome back to claying Lisa. that is great shawl pin.

  8. Lovely! I love the step by step pictures. I try not to get too into new-to-me crafts, I already have too many WIPs, but that looks really cool!! Maybe one day

  9. Great pictures Lisa! I think If I had the time I could follow that and come up with a wonderful plaid. I tweeted, shared and liked on Facebook. Thanks for sharing your wonderful brooch pin!

  10. wow so nice – i love the pictures of the process and i love the end result!
    greetings – gudrun

  11. I always love looking at your pieces and this one is just as fab as the rest. I have tried to dabble in clay before because you make it look so wonderful (made a few ornaments – almost, kinda, sorta like the family portrait one I bought from you eons ago) but somehow nothing ever turns out quite like your stuff. I guess I should stick to the original if I want it done right. LOL!

  12. Lisa that’s just so pretty. I haven’t made anything with clay for so many months while I’ve been studying but only 8 weeks left now and I’ll be finished. Think I’ll be giving this one a go when that time comes.
    I’ve tweeted and shared on FB too.
    Thanks Lisa.

  13. Wow, it’s amazing what you can design with your clay. I’m envious. I wish I had the free time to squeeze just one more hobby in when I read your blogs. 😉 … Retweeted, too!

  14. ah, beautiful as always! I’m so jealous- all of my clay & tools are packed up in storage right now! Luckily, I have a quilt I’m working on.

  15. RT @lclarke522: Plaid shawl pin giveaway

  16. COOL !!!! RT @lclarke522: Plaid shawl pin giveaway

  17. RT @lclarke522: Plaid shawl pin giveaway

  18. RT @lclarke522: Plaid shawl pin giveaway

  19. RT @lclarke522: Plaid shawl pin giveaway

  20. Lovely. And would look so wonderful with my “boyfriend sweater”…same shade of blue. Oh, and my rusty orange sweater…would pick up the yellows and oranges so nicely! 😉

    I wish I had more time and patience to learn. Alexis was having a blast with the Sculpey my MIL got her last summer. Hasn’t played with it in a while. I may have to encourage her to make some more stuff for holiday gifts.

  21. As a funny…went to retweet and just in the nick of time realized I was signed in as my work account. Would have been interesting to get the reaction of all the policy and planning professionals after I tweeted about a shawl pin. Would have wondered what we were doing over at RU.

  22. how did you do the pin part? i see the wire, but wonder if you made a point at the end of the pin. pretty cool lisa!

  23. Super cute pin! Love how you blogged the creation process!

  24. I’m not sure which is more impressive-the product itself, or that you photographed every step!

  25. I love the plaid colors. You are so creative.

  26. Beautiful pin! And exciting that you are giving one away.

  27. OMG! That much time without claying? Well, but you have taken lots of pictures (and shared) among other things. The pin is beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial. The colors you used are very pretty. I’m in for the giveaway. Thanks.

  28. I’m thinking I need to learn this craft. I knitted a baby sweater out of some leftover yarn, and I’ll be doggoned if I can find buttons to match. If I was half as talented as you, I could whip some up. That is one cute pin!

  29. New work by my friend Lisa RT @lclarke522: Plaid shawl pin giveaway

  30. I can’t resist such summery colours you’ve used for this pin. It always amazes me how polymer clay goes from these big blocks of colour to such itty bitty complex patterns. I’d love to start learning it on my own, make my own stuff (maybe open an etsy store hehe).

  31. left a sweet tweet and wanted to say “Count me in on the giveaway!” Thanks for the opportunity. I have never owned a shawl pin and would love this piece…actually any of your pieces-they are gorgeous. Also, thanks for the tutorial.-Marlene

  32. It looks like a lot of work, but worth it, it’s beautiful!

  33. Wow. January. Wow.

    I hope you liked making the cane and the shawl pin, Lisa. Did it feel wierd, like speaking a foreign language when you hadn’t spoken it in a while?

    I love the look of the shawl pin, and I would be glad to wear it with one of my scarves, of my comment is randomly picked.

  34. RT @lclarke522: Plaid shawl pin giveaway

  35. Looks like I timed this right to get back at keeping a check on you and what you’re into. I’ve been busy setting up another sewing room as I decided I had a better room in my house for sewing than what I had originally set up. I’m about ready to get back to my hobbies but first a congrats to you on your second sweater. Love the pin! Will go great with the sweater I plan to knit for myself when I finsh up the socks I have on needles right now. Keep on with what you’re doing and I’ll keep on looking over your shoulder so to speak. Luv you gal! Dottientx

  36. Thanks for taking the time to share the photos of the process. Very interesting! Love the pin.

  37. I Love the shawl pin on your beautiful sweater. I followed your link last week about your sweater and I am now knitting my own Sassymetrical. It’s not like I needed another project (I have at least 5 or 6 other WIP’s), but I just couldn’t resist that cute little sweater. And I had some yarn in my stash that would work. Earlier this year I dyed a large skein of Lion Brand Fisherman wool with Easter Egg dyes. I was thrilled to find a pattern for it. AND the colors in your pin would go perfectly!

    I loved your pictures detailing your cane. Thanks!

  38. The pin is just as cute as the sweater!

  39. This millefiori cane wonderful! great colors!

    i think i would need rehab if i didn’t clay for SO LONG! at least touching the packs once a day!! (does it sound i am addicted?)

    I am also admiring your knitting skills for a while now, wish some one will sit next to me and teach me how to (can’t learn from those youtube movies…)

    isn’t it great that autumn is coming…


    1. hey, i didn’t put the ad to my blog… it’s automatic?

  40. Hi Lisa,

    LOVED seeing the process of how you make these pins. As you know I LOVE them so would be thrilled to win one. I hope you’ll put some up for sale in event I don’t win :-).


  41. oh, how beautiful!! I’ve never done anything with clay… you make it look so fascinating!

  42. This is so adorable! There’s a big sale at a crafting store near me this weekend, maybe I’ll have to give it a try! The colors are so beautiful!


  43. That is so awesome and loved to see the process! What a great giveaway! Now if I don’t win I will have to make my own..

  44. Love the pin, and the instructions are lovely.
    You detailed very clearly the steps, it seems like those old time silent movie to me. I can almost hear the piano in the background.

  45. RT @lclarke522: Plaid shawl pin giveaway

  46. beautiful!….your talent is admired greatly!

  47. I love that pin! I can’t wait til the printed insructions, I’m too new to figure it out.

  48. Cute pin! I hope it’s mine 😉

  49. Lisa, thank you for the tutorial pics i totally understood them. Now i wish i would take the next step and soften the clay i have in my basement. I have been a little hesitant(5 years) to play with the polymer clay. i would love to start to create more focal beads or pendants to add to my bead stash. (i also need to find my balance of reading blogs, painting my nails, playing soccer etc)

    I would love to be entered into your draw.

  50. Thanks for the mini tutorial. Love the shawl pins as well.

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