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The Christmas Crafting

I let myself off the hook this year, big time.  In fact, there were only four handmade gifts total. First were the neckwarmers I knit for the boys.  Eamonn’s been asking for a scarf lately – last week was so chilly! – so I looked to my go-to pattern and scaled it down for smaller […]

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I’m not always on the ball teacher-gift-wise, but this year, I managed to get it done with a little help from the kids.  Erin’s coffee cup cozy tutorial is something I’ve been eyeing since she posted it last year, and I finally decided to try it, when I realized that it’s a perfect project for […]

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Playing with old(ish) jewelry

I treated myself to a new goldenrod-colored sweater last week, and a pair of argyle socks to match, and as I was driving home from Target, I was doing what any other jewelry designer would do – taking a mental inventory of my necklaces, trying to remember if I had anything to match my new […]

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Boys and their hats

Every time I sit down to blog lately, my head fills up with lazy thoughts: I don’t feel like uploading my photos to flickr; I don’t know what to write about; maybe I’ll have a quick peek at my email first.  And on and on.  Until here we are six days since my last post, […]

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Taking the afternoon off

Oh, brrr! It’s so cold here today!  I’ve been spending the last several days cleaning, decorating, and furiously knitting, all in anticipation of the open house I’m hosting today, and I’m tired!  This morning was the first wave, which was lightly-attended, but still a pleasant time.  Tonight I hope to be busier. But this afternoon, […]

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A good day for wool

It’s not that it’s too terribly cold out there, but it it’s raining.  It’s raining on top of snow.  And while I had the good sense to tunnel through the junk in the hall closet and dig out the boys’ winter boots, my enthusiasm for the project didn’t extend to unearthing my own boots.  Instead […]

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