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Riot of color in a snow-covered yard

As promised, I updated the shop this morning… My toasty ears can attest to the coziness and warmth of these hats.  (And my frozen toes can attest to my dedication in photographing the hats in their natural, snow-covered environment.) See how they brighten up a gloomy-looking day?  It’s that beautiful, vibrant, and soft wool from […]

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Keeping it real

Remember my to-do list from last week?  Well, I did manage to cross off everything but three items that day.  And today, when I decided another list was in order, I sat down to write it and ended up with the exact same list.  (Well, almost.  Replace “blog hat” with “start another hat” since I’m […]

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Beanie babies

Have you seen Leslie Friend‘s new hat pattern?  It’s called Chunky Knit Beanie, and it seemed to me that it would be a very simple thing to adapt to the loom.  And since Eamonn needed a new hat, I gave it shot. Please forgive the photo – most pictures of Eamonn are a blur of […]

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Priorities firmly in order

I sat down this morning, before doing anything else, and made myself a list of things that I needed or wanted to work on today.  You will notice, by what I tackled first, that my priorities are firmly in order.  Clearly I always choose to focus on what is most important. Now, now, don’t look […]

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I’ve been taking less pictures lately, trying to spend less time online, and not blogging all that frequently – at least, not as frequently as I had been accustomed to in recent years.  Maybe it’s just the winter creeping in on me.  My thoughts have not been turning so much to “what can I share […]

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Half dead battery

Greetings from the Clayathon, where I’m making canes… …and pens… …and buttons… …and barrettes… …and typing to you with less than 15 minutes left on my laptop battery.  Note to self: next trip, don’t forget the power cord!  Note to Melanie: thanks for letting me borrow yours to recharge my battery today! This is everything […]

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Four times

Oooooh, boy, it’s cold out there!  Four times today, I put on my neckwarmer, followed by my hat, a sweater, a jacket, and shoes.  Four times, I trudged outside to wait for a bus or run an errand.  Four times, I came back into the house and shed all of that stuff.  Except this last […]

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So you want to try polymer clay

Once upon a time, before I learned to sew, and before I started knitting, this was a polymer clay blog.  Ok, it still is to some extent, but there have been enough detours into other crafty territory, that I’ve picked up plenty of followers who know very little about the clay.  And on those days […]

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She of the warm neck

I finished my little neckwarmer project.  And, wow, was it ever a quick knit!  I nearly completed the whole thing while watching TV last night.  I should really call this my “Stargate Atlantis Series Finale Scarf” but I think I’ll stick to the simpler “Malabrigo Neckwarmer.” The Details Pattern: Cashmere Neckwarmer by Kim (on Ravelry) […]

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