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Four times

Self Portrait Thursday

Oooooh, boy, it’s cold out there!  Four times today, I put on my neckwarmer, followed by my hat, a sweater, a jacket, and shoes.  Four times, I trudged outside to wait for a bus or run an errand.  Four times, I came back into the house and shed all of that stuff.  Except this last time, I kept the sweater on.  Gosh, I hate sixteen-degree weather!  And I’m so happy everyone is home for the day, so I have no more reasons to venture out.

Let’s talk about something else.  Maybe, something warm, like wool?  You know that neckwarmer I made last week is from Malabrigo wool, and I have to say, I am totally falling in love with this stuff.  I used the Chunky style in that first neckwarmer.  Did she say “first?”  Oh, yes.  Yes, she did.  Because you know she just can’t stop with one of a good thing…

In progress

I’ve already made another one in beautiful dark blues and greens that I plan to give my mother.  (She’s not reading this I hope.  If she is, I’ll just work a Jedi Mind Trick on her. <wave of the fingers>”You did not see your birthday present on Lisa’s blog…“)  I still need to make and attach the button loop, and I have to block it within an inch of its life – this thing has a wicked curl, and simply misting it with water and pinning it down didn’t work all that well for my own.

In progress

I’ve got another one on the loom for my aunt, who shares a birthday with my mother.  I don’t need either of these until early March, so I’m taking my time finishing them up.  I’m really a fan of this stitch pattern in this chunky yarn.  It feels so soft against my skin, and bulky in a good, warm way.   So much do I love the combination, that I decided to use it in another project that I can’t take my time with.

In progress

My father-in-law’s birthday is this weekend, and it’s 16 degrees outside.  Naturally, I’m thinking “scarf” as a present 🙂  I’m making it a pullover-style, and basically using this stitch I like and this yarn I like, in a big tube that he can pull over his head and wear around his neck.  It looks good in my mind, but we’ll see whether I actually find it gift-worthy when I take it off the loom.  I’ve started and stopped this project three times now (changed looms, changed stitches, changed yarns) but this has to be my last attempt – I need it by supper time tomorrow night.  Honestly?  I’d wanted to try a cable-knit pattern on this and make it all Aran-sweater-ish, but I think attempting cables for the first time on a last-minute gift is not really the smartest plan.  So, old standby stitch I can do in my sleep, it is!

This is probably the last you’ll hear from me for a few days.  I’m heading down to Atlantic City on Saturday morning for the annual Clayathon, and I’ve got lots of prep to do before I leave.  And a masculine neckwarmer to finish.  No pressure.

Posted on 3 Comments

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  1. blocking hint when pins and spritz don’t work. hit it with steam from the iron. then pin it down and hit it again. works like a charm

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