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I’ve been taking less pictures lately, trying to spend less time online, and not blogging all that frequently – at least, not as frequently as I had been accustomed to in recent years.  Maybe it’s just the winter creeping in on me.  My thoughts have not been turning so much to “what can I share on my blog today?” as they have been settling on “what can I do to keep myself warm and cozy?”

I’ve been making muffins, knitting a hat, doing a quickie sewing project for the kids, catching up on order processing, thinking about business strategies, correcting children, watching tv under a quilt, putting my hair in pigtails, getting fit with the wii, kissing away tears, cleaning the bathroom… but not photographing any of it, really. I wish I could hibernate.  If I could put on a cozy sweater and curl up next to a roaring fire with a cup of tea, a handmade lap quilt, and some knitting until April, I would.

I don’t care for winter under normal circumstances, but this year has been even colder than usual.  The last few weeks have brought temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below normal for this time of year.  I’m thankful I’m not living in a cardboard box, and that I can complain from the relative comfort of my own home, but at the same time, I’m craving warmth.


These images help a bit.  Click on the photo for individual photo credits.  I’m off to find my quilt, watch LOST and finish knitting my hat.

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Hibernation

  1. I love all the great pics. One of those hats from Leslie are so on my list. I watch Lost too!! How many times did you find yourself saying WHAT? while watching it. It can be such a frustrating show but I can’t stop watching it.

  2. Im with you…Im ready for spring! I cant stand this cold weather. I like the pictures you found, they do capture the essence of warmth! Im also a LOST fan. 🙂

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