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Finally. The Christmas Napkins.

Finally.  The Christmas Napkins.

Please tell me these will be our “forever napkins.”  I don’t think I can spend another Late November / Early December cranking out napkin after napkin after napkin.  *yawn*

Finally.  The Christmas Napkins.

I do so love the results.  But the actual making?  of 28 napkins?  Well, it’s a little boring. And that’s why it took me 2 weeks – I could only manage to do a small handful before I was daydreaming wistfully about whatever was next on my to-do list.

Finally.  The Christmas Napkins.

Mmmm.  Christmas napkins.  My next meal will be soooo festive 🙂  I’m thinking Chicken Tortilla Soup and a PepperJack Grilled Cheese sandwich.  The fabric, if you’re curious, is from Anna Griffin’s Mackenzie Christmas collection.

Decorator Elf

P.S. If the napkins aren’t festive enough for you, get a load of my little Christmas elf.  He’s decided I’m never going to get around to putting up the tree, and has taken it upon himself to decorate the house instead.  Doorknobs, drawer pulls, bannisters, the backs of dining room chairs… all places that clearly need an ornament.  This was absolutely necessary use of his time today, because everyone knows, it just isn’t Christmas without miniature disco balls hanging from the bathroom cabinet.  You did know that, didn’t you?


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Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Finally. The Christmas Napkins.

  1. 28 napkins? wow. I don’t think I even own 28 napkins. I’m very impressed.

    You can tell your son that we’re not decorating the tree until Dec 20 when the big girl comes home from college. My kids think that’s forever from now.

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    1. That’s just 28 for Christmas… I also have made three other sets with 20-25 each in them, for different times of year: summer, fall & every other time. I’m slightly insane, I think.

      December 20th? I’ll let Eamonn know he’s not as deprived as he thinks, LOL!

      For the last 3 years, it has taken so long to get our act together tree-wise, we were putting it up on Christmas Eve. Last year, I was tempted to skip it altogether and just bask in the glow of Tacky Santa instead (he casts an impressive glow!)

  2. When I bought my first serger, everbody I knew received napkins for Christmas….but I cheated and used a rolled hem instead of a sewn heam. I really had fun though – your photo is so lovely, I might make a Christmas set for myself. I especially like the use of a different fabric for each one. Very nice!

    1. Thank you! I love using a variety of mix & match fabrics. I’d get bored otherwise 🙂

      I love the idea of a serger, but it’s a bit intimidating to me!

  3. New blog post: Finally. The Christmas Napkins.

  4. I LOVE the napkins! Especially because it’s a treat when we use papertowels at the dinner table…Usually followed by baby wipes (a gift from god, if you ask me). And the disco balls? LOVE THEM! I would probably need one taped to my phone for those calls from my mother-in-law..Just to keep myself in check with the holiday spirit!

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    1. Haha, yes, I guess we all have situations where a dangling disco ball would be a nice distraction 😉

  5. Your napkins look great! Christmas napkins have been on my to-do list, but it looks like they may have to wait… too many other things to work on!

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    1. I probably *should* have been working on gifts, but I just couldn’t stop until I was done, LOL!

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