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Tie one on for Christmas

Ho ho ho! Can I interest you in a splash of Peppermint Schnapps? No?? Have you ever tried this stuff? It’s like a liquid candy cane with a kick.  Christmas in a bottle. Hmmm.  I get the sense that you are actually here to “tie one on” in the apronish sense of the phrase, and […]

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Finally. The Christmas Napkins.

Please tell me these will be our “forever napkins.”  I don’t think I can spend another Late November / Early December cranking out napkin after napkin after napkin.  *yawn* I do so love the results.  But the actual making?  of 28 napkins?  Well, it’s a little boring. And that’s why it took me 2 weeks […]

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Not so Secret Christmas Crafting

You may remember my totally-inappropriate-for-summer mini-flip-out over having found the perfect Christmas fabric for my seasonal napkins five months ago… Well, today I got started sewing myself a set.  I’d only done one when I took this photo a few hours ago, but I’m up to seven now. “Sure, Lisa, those look like they will […]

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I found Kitschy Christmas

But it’s about eight-and-a-half months too late… Last October I bought prints from Moda’s Christmas Past collection to make the above napkins. I wanted something with a fun, retro feel, and this collection was about as close as I could come. I like it well enough, and would have just lived with it, if not […]

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