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Not so Secret Christmas Crafting

Sneak peek

You may remember my totally-inappropriate-for-summer mini-flip-out over having found the perfect Christmas fabric for my seasonal napkins five months ago… Well, today I got started sewing myself a set.  I’d only done one when I took this photo a few hours ago, but I’m up to seven now.

Sure, Lisa, those look like they will be fun, kitchy napkins, alright, but what about the nice set you made last year?” you ask.

Oh, you mean the ones that we used for only about a month?  The ones that probably each saw two to three uses tops and still look good as new?  Well, I’m kind of hoping one of you might like to give them a good home.  Here’s the scoop on all of the coordinating linens, and you can email me if something interests you:

Everything is made with prints from Moda’s Christmas Past collection.  If you’ve never used cloth napkins made from quilting cottons before, you’re in for a treat.  They get softer with each successive wash (you can just toss them in with your regular laundry when they get soiled) and feel so nice against your skin, you’ll never want to use paper napkins again.  Seriously.  I haven’t bought paper napkins since I made my first set in June 2007.  Anyway…


Set of 12 cloth napkins (set A)

Set of 12 cloth napkins (set A) Set of 12 cloth napkins (set A)

I split the napkins into two sets, in case 24 is just too much for anyone.  These three images are of the first set of 12.

Set of 12 cloth napkins (set B)

Set of 12 cloth napkins (set B) Set of 12 cloth napkins (set B)

This is the second set of 12.  Each napkin is roughly 11×16.  I’d like $24 for each set, or you can take all 24 napkins together for $44.

Table Mats

New table mat Table mat

Cotton print on the top, plaid flannel on the back, approximately 17×21.  I’d like $6 for each, or both for $10.


New apron

I almost didn’t put this on the list.  I still may remove it if I think about it too long – I really like this apron a lot!  Uses two prints from the collection and one of my polymer clay buttons.  I’d like $25 for it.

Thanks, everyone!  With the exception of the apron, the pricing on these is mainly my cost of fabric.  I haven’t counted my hours of backbreaking labor here 😉

Drop me a line at lisa (at) lisaclarke (dot) net if any of this grabs you.  I’d love to see it go to an appreciative home.  And now I’m off to get myself a bowl of peppermint ice cream.  Mmmmm.


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Posted on 1 Comment

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