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Week of Few Words

Much to do.

I’m planning on having one of those incredibly insane weeks.  And while I love my blogging time, and my picture-taking time, there are more pressing things to attend to.  If I want to blog and play with my camera this week, I will have to do so with a dual purpose. So…

This week, I will concentrate on taking photos of things that I have accomplished, and I will post them here, with very little accompanying text.  It will be sort of a photo-journal of my to-do list as I chip away at it.  I think this will be good for me in a few capacities:

  • it will keep me from spending vast amounts of time blogging
  • it will help me stay on task by marrying my interest in (very) amateur photography with my pressing need to get things done.
  • it will add a level of accountability that I can’t seem to generate for myself on a personal level. (In other words, if I didn’t know you were reading and expecting to see my clean sink, I’d skip it and just play online all day.  Not really.  Well, maybe.)

I will call it Week of Few Words (WoFW).  You may play along, if you wish. The more the merrier.  And now, I’m off – that laundry won’t fold itself, you know.


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Posted on 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “Week of Few Words

  1. I just got done folding the mound of laundry covering the couch. We almost had words (the laundry and I). Have a Great Week!

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  2. oooh, I can be a good lemming too!

    That and with Canada Post’s rather painful shipping guidelines (last day to ship to the US with regular air mail? December 4th), it’s not like much will sell online as a result of my well crafted posts.

    Pictures. Yay.

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  4. Fold laundry? Nah! That’s what the laundry room is for….shopping for your clean clothes!

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