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Fabric canes and gingerbread men

I’ve got a new apron design in mind, kind of along the lines of the patchwork scarves I’ve been making.  The best part is that I don’t need any big pieces of fabric to make it happen.  I’ve got the fabric for two of them cut out – one in that Martha’s Vineyard Watercolors fabric […]

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Food, glorious food

I’ve spent all darn day doing food-related things. I even took my Project365 photo while food shopping. I was up late last night coming up with a menu for the week – one that consisted of some new things, some healthy things, and some easy things. Lately I’ve been taking the easy way out as […]

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365 feet and other thoughts

Strictly-speaking, it’s actually 730 feet, but who’s counting? I spent a long time yesterday wrestling the feeds in my Google Reader into submission, and by the end of the day, I had zero (yes, ZERO) unread feeds. Woo hoo! [I’m back up to 466 today, but let’s not go there…]. One of the posts I […]

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Bestsellers for December

Top 5 Sellers* for December, 2007 1 ) Book: Polymer Clay Beads 2 ) DVD:Innovations Arabesque Canes 3 ) Project Book: Creative Canes 4 ) Magazine:PolymerCAFE Winter 2007/08 5 ) DVD: Millefiori Story Bestsellers for previous months (Bestsellers prior to May, 2007) Want to be notified instantly when this list changes? Click here to see […]

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First order of business for 2008

Organizing my Google reader. Yes, I got up this January 1st, and promptly set to work organizing myself electronically. I’m starting with the feeds, but hopefully before the day is through I will also have my calendar and task lists up to speed. These are important first steps in keeping myself on a less time-wastey […]

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