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On chick bashing and pretty pictures

Aidan came home from school and informed me that there is, indeed, chick-clobbering in the game, although he’s pretty sure you’re not actually killing them. It’s more of a scooping them out of the way none-too-gently with a spoon kind of thing. I don’t know whether to be relieved that my four-year-old is not a […]

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Simpler times

I think perhaps Eamonn has played entirely too many rounds of his older brother’s Ultra Man: Monster Crisis game… This afternoon, while playing a perfectly gentle computer game which is based on the movie Ratatouille and revolves around the collection of apple cores, Eamonn turns to me and says, “I can’t get that apple. I […]

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Salsa Chicken Soup

  I don’t have a whole lot to talk about today, so how about I share another recipe? This one is actually a few recipes in one. I call it Salsa Chicken Soup, and it has its basis in leftovers. Gotta love that. In order to make the soup, you have to first make Slow […]

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I dug into the pile

I knew I wouldn’t resist the pile for long. I managed to clean the kitchen first, but then I just needed to play. Meet “Button-Embellished Patchwork Scarf in Joel Dewberry Aviary Prints,” who has taken up residence at Etsy and is waiting to go to a loving home. I really like this scarf, but I’m […]

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So sleeeeeeepy

This was my last batch of buttons from the Clayathon.  I didn’t even get to drill the holes properly before I left for home.  This time instead of matching to a particular colorway of a fabric collection, I used a particular pattern (French Wallpaper) in several different compatible colors.  These are from Belle by Amy […]

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