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Picture Winter + other photo projects

So today was the end of Picture Winter, and like I seem to say every time I finish a month-long project like this, it was just the right length.  I enjoyed my 31 days of prompt-following, but now I am ready to be done.  I’ve signed up to take Picture Spring as a self-paced class […]

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730 Feet: a retrospective

I never mentioned Project 365 last week.  As in, I finished it.  As in, I’m done taking pictures of my feet.  As in, I no longer have to consider how my socks and/or pant cuffs will look on camera every morning as I pick out my clothes. These are some of my favorite shots from […]

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365 feet and other thoughts

Strictly-speaking, it’s actually 730 feet, but who’s counting? I spent a long time yesterday wrestling the feeds in my Google Reader into submission, and by the end of the day, I had zero (yes, ZERO) unread feeds. Woo hoo! [I’m back up to 466 today, but let’s not go there…]. One of the posts I […]

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