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I knit a hat.

04 hat 02 for upload

For some time, I’ve been perusing Ravelry in search of the perfect pattern.

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Hat-for-Me Month!

15 hat 02

I’ve come to the conclusion that January is always “Lisa Knits a New Hat Month”: Rose Hill Hat (knitting loom edition) Fiesta Hat (also on the loom) Turn a Square Irish Hiking Hat I think, most likely, if I were satisfied with any one of these hats, the others probably would not exist. It’s just, […]

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Me and my paper hat

130/365 May 9

Oh, I do like this hat. I did not care much for crocheting with paper, but I think the end justifies the means.  And the pattern was fairly easy, too.  I could see myself making another in cotton (and probably in about half the time – cotton would be significantly easier to work with). My […]

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When the going gets tough…


…the tough start a new project! I had a lousy day Friday, from the moment I woke up, until roughly 6pm, which found me hanging out with my sweet family, and sipping a vodka collins at the Stirling Hotel. Things were much better after that. Leading up to that moment, though, there had been a […]

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Quick Knits for the, er, me

13/365 January 13

I’m at the Clayathon right now, taking a quick break from the polymer.  I’ve already made a nice little pile of things, and as soon as they are sanded and buffed, I’ll be sure to give you a peek.  For now, how about a completed knitting project? I just loved Eamonn’s Irish Hiking Hat so […]

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Crochet hooks, shoes, and knitting

07 yarn

Thank you for ordering crochet hooks this week!  I’m closing up the shop in a matter of minutes, and then I’m ordering my supplies and taking them down south to the Clayathon.  I can hardly wait for the weekend to begin. I’ve got several things I want to work on, mainly your hook orders and […]

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Quick Knits for the Menfolk, part two

06 knitting 01

I seem to be going in reverse age order with these.  Today’s quick knit is another hat, this time for Aidan.  Aidan is nearly 12, a sixth grader, and he is of the opinion that when it comes to hats, “simpler is better.” So, no cables for this one.  Just simple ribbing on the brim, […]

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Quick Knits for the Menfolk, part one

02 knitting 01

Somebody needed a new hat.  Two somebodies, in fact, but this post is about the smaller somebody, in particular.  The hat I made him three years ago was starting to feel a little snug and look a little crummy.  Pilling and such. He picked out the yarn, and I picked out a pattern that would […]

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Calling all knitters!

Hey, hey, we

I seem to have created a small monster.  Remember the Monkees hats I made?  I posted about them and included the pattern and information about the yarn & needles I used, in the hopes that anyone who wanted one could make it for themselves. Well, lately the hats seem to be grabbing the attention of […]

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Turn a Dashing Square

Bam! Week 1 - the new hat

I’m trying to learn not to be so matchy-matchy.  I’ve been hearing lately that it’s very stylish to coordinate one’s accessories, but to match them? Not so much. This isn’t an easy lesson for me, as you might imagine, being someone who has spent much of the last fifteen years attempting to exactly match the […]

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