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Summer Berry Muffins

Definitely had a more “balanced” day today than I have been having. A little bit of computer biz work in the morning, a little bit of housework that wasn’t as painful as I’d been thinking it would be (listening to podcasts is my favorite trick for helping the time pass quickly during a tedious task […]

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Wineberry Crisp

The lure of the Jersey Fresh fruit was just too strong to let me be lazy for very long today. It compelled me to clear off the kitchen counters, unload the dishwasher, re-load it (thereby freeing up some sink space), clean off the table, and give everything a good wipe down. Once that was done, […]

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Skirt sickness and sugar scrub

Is there such a thing as Skirtmakers Anonymous? It’s not so much that I like wearing skirts (although, I definitely do). It’s more that I like wearing skirts that I made. Have you seen some of the new skirts that Target has this season? I love them! But I’ve been passing them by on the […]

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Summer weekend

Yep, it’s definitely summer. We spent yesterday afternoon swimming at my parents’ house with my sister & my nephews, and today we picked berries in our yard. We didn’t have a gigantic harvest – maybe 2 cups – but it’s a nice haul, when you consider we only lucked into these plants and didn’t have […]

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