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Wineberry cake

If you haven’t been watching the comments to my previous berry post with rapt attention, you probably aren’t aware that the berries have been identified and I decided to make a cake out of them.

My neighbor Diane let me know that the berries growing wild in our yard (and much of the rest of the neighborhood) are wineberries and more information about them can be had here. I went ahead and used them in the Blackberry Cake receipe I found at The verdict? Yum! It’s kind of like gingerbread with the occasional juicy-tart bite of berry goodness.

I still had about 4 cups of berries left after making the cake, so I froze them. They should keep for as long as 18 months in the freezer, so if I have a hankerin’ for wineberry jam sometime this winter, I can defrost a batch of berries and enjoy a taste of summer in front of the fireplace. I may even pick more today.


Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Wineberry cake

  1. ooo wineberry…never heard of them but that cake looks delish!

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