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TWiP: Tiny Sweaters

This Week in Pictures, Week 52, 2020

I have been scrimping and saving my paid time off so that I could get a nice extended break at the end of the year, and so last week I was blissfully job-free and able to throw myself into Christmas preparations, and some much-enjoyed time at the clay table.

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Aside from the chirping of a few lonely crickets, this space has been awfully quiet for the last few days.  That sometimes happens here when I haven’t been creative, and there isn’t much of interest to share, but this time a lack of craftiness has not been my issue.  In fact, it’s been quite the […]

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Eight almost down, seven more to go

It has been a whirlwind ornament-making extravaganza over here.  I started the first batch of four before Thanksgiving, and for the last two days have been working on the second batch of four.  I now have eight very hairy ornaments in need of a trim, and some facial features.  They should be all spruced up […]

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The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Or, in our case, on the little tinsel tree. These are fifteen polymer clay stocking ornaments.  I was inspired by these fabric stockings to make a miniature version in clay.  I’ve always thought of my patterned clay sheets like fabric anyway, so it was a pretty logical progression, in my mind. Every year I make […]

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