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Whatever you wish for

I hope you don’t mind if I put on my sales hat for a moment.  I hate wearing that thing, but if I leave it off for too long, I don’t sell things, and if I don’t sell things, I can’t buy more craft supplies (or, more importantly, supplement my family’s income) and we just can’t have that.  So bear with me for a moment, while I tell you about something nifty I added to my websites, ok?

Oh, you’re sweet to indulge me…

Here goes.  It’s almost that time of year again, and I’ve found something that might make it easier for you to ask your well-intentioned-but-clueless loved ones for that must-have new clay book.

It’s called a Universal Wish List, and it is tied into your wish list.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple, really. From any detail page within the Polka Dot Creations website, you may click on the”Add to Universal Wish List” button.  A dialog box will appear, which will allow you to add the book, video, or magazine to your amazon wish list.

I’ve added the same ability within the Polka Dot Cottage shop, so that you may add fun things like my scarves, earrings, and buttons to your wish list, too.

Once the items are added, this is what they look like over at amazon.  If someone decides to gift you with one of these items, the “Shop this store” button will bring them directly back here to make the purchase.  Amazon is only involved as far as hosting the wish list. The sales are still conducted entirely by me.

As someone who has a handful of family members who do all of their holiday shopping via amazon wish lists, I thought it was a nifty little feature.  Hopefully it will help some of you and the loved ones who shop for you!

And as long as I’m talking about fun little doohickeys, let me introduce you to the sidebar’s new Recommended Reading spot.  This is going to be my place to point out some of my favorite reads.  Right now I’ve got it cycling through the most recent five books in my reading pile, but I may change the criteria from time to time, just to shake things up.

If the recommended book is one that I sell at Polka Dot Creations, the link will lead you there.  If it’s not, then the link will lead you to amazon where I can earn a tiny commission.  I do appreciate it when you buy something from Recommended Reading, no matter which store it points to!

Ok, I’m done.  Now here’s a little tip which doesn’t benefit me monetarily in any way, shape, or form:  If you like that Universal Wish List idea, you can go to amazon and grab their browser button which will let you add an item from any online shop to your wish list.  I’ve already used it once on my wish list, and I’m sure I’ll do it again, before too long!


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Whatever you wish for

  1. Amazon’s “Add to Wish List” browser button is dangerous!!

    See what Addie has been blogging about: The Cutest Trick-or-Treaters in Waldeck

    1. Not as dangerous as a “Buy Now” button would be 😀

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