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Seasonal reading

I can tell that summer is on its way just by looking at my coffee table reading. Knitting and Crocheting books are gradually making room for food books and memoirs, or those best-of-both-worlds kind of books: food memoirs.

I suppose I’ve become a bit predictable in recent years, but what can I say? My interests are decidedly seasonal and cyclical.

I could drone on about these, but maybe it would be more fun for you to check out my bookshop! I call it a “bookshop” but really, it’s an amazon affiliate shop, and I do get a small commission from anything purchased there, but there’s no pressure to buy at all. Please just consider it a place to look through all of my favorite books and supplies, most of them annotated with my opinions. If we like the same kinds of things, you might find something to add to your library reserve list, or your wish list.  I keep it fairly up to date, and the first page always reflects what I am Currently Enjoying.  I usually list my six most recently-purchased books, along with whatever I currently have out from the library.  Right now, it’s a pretty long list. I’m in consume-mode, big time.

In case you’re reading this at a later date, and the titles in Currently Enjoying have changed, here are some direct links to the seven books in the photo:

  1. Barnheart: a memoir
  2. Chicken and Egg
  3. The Homemade Pantry
  4. Super Natural Every Day
  5. The Colette Sewing Handbook
  6. Custom Crocheted Sweaters
  7. Amazing Crochet Lace

The Homemade PantrySuper Natural Every DayThe Colette Sewing Handbook, and Custom Crocheted Sweaters are all library books that I’m considering purchasing. The last two books, in particular, are excellent references.  They’re perfect for those of us who like to tweak patterns or even design our own, and I’m pretty sure they need to live on my crafty book shelf.

Have fun looking through my favorites, and then be sure to come back here and tell me what is in your book pile! I would love to add more titles to my library reserve list…

Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Seasonal reading

  1. Hey, I imagine you’d have mentioned it before this if you were going, but figured I’d ask: any chance you can make it to the Sheep & Wool Festival this weekend?

    As for the actual post, I’m afraid I’m pretty useless: I don’t tend to read craft books — I just use them for patterns or for reference — so I don’t have a book pile…I grab whatever book I need for whatever project I happen to be making next. Actually reading anything but fiction tends to bore me to sleep. I’m obviously not very cultured. 🙂

    1. I didn’t realize it was this weekend! Hm, I probably don’t wan to do all of that driving by myself in one day, but maybe I can convince Neil that we need a family weekend in Maryland. Heh. I’ll let you know if we decide to do it! It would be fun to meet up.

  2. Polka Dot Cottage: Seasonal reading

  3. If you wanted to stay over, we have a guest room! It’s comfortable (we sleep there ourselves in the summer, as it’s in the basement and therefore cooler than our room), but not really big enough for 4 people, but we could probably manage to squeeze everyone in somewhere as long as the presence of the cats wouldn’t be too much for Neil — they’re not allowed in the guest room but they do have the run of the rest of the house.

    Or you could leave the husband and kids at home and indulge in yarny goodness without them… 😉

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