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Project :: Granny Square : Table Runner

Ready for another Project::GrannySquare object? This one is a table runner, and with eighteen squares, it’s the largest project I’ve made so far.  My parents recently redecorated their living room / dining room, and so my mom and I worked together to choose colors and a design that coordinated nicely with the new paint and […]

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I have another Project::GrannySquare post to share with you, but it’s taking me forever to get around to writing it.  I finished the project a few weeks ago, and am well into the next one. Right now I am preoccupied with thoughts of the expected hurricane.  I have a bit of a wind phobia, rational […]

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Calgon, take me away!

It’s been an unusual several days.  We’re normally such homebodies, with our quiet routines and our simple pleasures.  But since my night away with Neil for his birthday last Tuesday, my routine has taken such a hit. Wednesday was his actual birthday, and so of course we needed to all go out for supper together, […]

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Getting your regular dose of Polka Dots

I am such a nerd.  When I hear of some nifty blog-related technology, I nearly always want to blow off the rest of my plans, curl up with my laptop and geek out until I’ve got the new technology working at Polka Dot Cottage. That’s happened to me twice in the last week, and I […]

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Project :: Granny Square : Pillow Cover

Take a wild guess how many useful options come up when you Google “granny square projects for men.”  I’ll give you a hint:  It’s roughly zero.  And not really a surprise. Still, I thought my brother should have a little something from our grandmother’s granny square stash, and he agreed.  Granny squares don’t exactly scream […]

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