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I have another Project::GrannySquare post to share with you, but it’s taking me forever to get around to writing it.  I finished the project a few weeks ago, and am well into the next one.

Right now I am preoccupied with thoughts of the expected hurricane.  I have a bit of a wind phobia, rational or not, and as you are probably aware, hurricanes bring with them a whole lotta wind.  And rain.  With the ground already soggy from previous rains, trees are more easily felled by wind than they might otherwise be.  So, yeah, I am periodically indulging in a wee bit of panic over the potential fate of anything (or anyone) that might be in the path of all of these crazy trees in my yard.  They are beautiful to look at, for sure, but they scare the crap out of me any time a storm rolls through.  And this is going to be one heck of a storm, by all accounts.

I’m still crossing my fingers that it abruptly changes course and rolls out to sea.  It could happen.  Maybe.

So I haven’t been thinking about granny squares so much as I have been thinking about charging my cell phone, and having some food in the house that doesn’t require refrigeration or cooking.  I’m usually pretty laid-back about preparing for a storm.  I guess I never believe that it will actually hit.  But in this case, I’m feeling the need to play it safer-than-usual and buy a few gallons of bottled water…

Or, I could just bury my head in the sand as usual and spend my time cloning my kids and playing with my new camera.

Decisions, decisions…


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Posted on 15 Comments

15 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. I’m jealous of how well you did with that pic! What did you use?

    1. Photoshop! I took four pictures with a tripod and then made them all into separate layers of one image. Then I used masks on three of the layers, just to make nothing but Aidan visible on those layers. I may do a detailed tutorial, if there’s interest.

  2. Oh and stay safe!!!

  3. You are going to love the Rebel. I almost ended up with that same body but went few models up to get higher ISO so I could take games at the soccer field at night. I sometimes miss how light the rebel feels. (I do still have the body and will take it out on day trips)

    1. Definitely loving it so far!

  4. The bottled water and battery shelves up in Sussex County were getting pretty bare last night. Might not hurt to have some extra on hand.

    Here’s hoping Irene blows out to sea & leaves us all alone.

    1. Yeah, it was pretty dismal here in Morris County, too. I found a couple of 8-packs of small bottles, which is better than nothing. Here’s to nasty hurricanes blowing out to sea!

  5. Make plenty of soup, stay dry and warm and enjoy being indoors for awhile.
    Hope the hurricane passes by without too much damage.

    1. Thanks! I’m planing to make up a small pile of games that can be played by candlelight. We may have a lot of fun with this for all we know!

  6. Keep safe. I have been thinking about you, wind and trees. Hopefully it will leave you alone.

    1. Thank you! We got a little bit of flooding, but the trees stayed put, thankfully 🙂

  7. Great picture! I’m really praying for Irene to break up and don’t do much damage. My mom lives there in NJ and was evacuated. Weather is changing. We have to take care of Mother earth. Take care.

    1. I hope your mom got through it well! We were pretty lucky. Whew!

  8. Love that picture! I would love to learn how to do this too:) How did you survive Irene? I’m down in Maryland and Irene passed over us yesterday and left this morning. No harm but I understand you being anxious especially with trees always landing on your car:) Try to enjoy being all cozy in your home with your adorable family.

    1. Thanks, Shannon. I think I’ll write up a little tutorial next week, assuming the power doesn’t go out 🙂 We got through it alright, and I’m glad to hear you did too!

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