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Getting your regular dose of Polka Dots

I am such a nerd.  When I hear of some nifty blog-related technology, I nearly always want to blow off the rest of my plans, curl up with my laptop and geek out until I’ve got the new technology working at Polka Dot Cottage.

That’s happened to me twice in the last week, and I thought you might share my enthusiasm a teeny tiny bit!  This is especially cool for those of you who don’t really get the whole RSS feed thing, but who know their way around smartphones and e-readers.

Now, you are probably aware that you have always been able to keep up with this blog by subscribing to the RSS feed.  And you may also know that last year I added the ability to subscribe via email.  But now there are two nifty new ways to get your regular dose of all things Polka Dot:


Read Polka Dot Cottage on your Kindle!  It works like a magazine subscription.  You pay Amazon a small monthly fee to cover their airtime costs, and they will send every new post to your Kindle as it is published.  The posts are delivered wirelessly and in their entirety so that you can read them at your leisure, even when you are not online.  It sounds pretty cool, especially if you are one of those people who never leaves the house without your Kindle.

There’s a two-week free trial, so you can give it a try and see if the monthly charge is worth it to you, before you actually have to begin paying.

Full disclosure: Amazon sets the fee amount – I don’t have any say over it, but I do get a small commission.

Think of the subscription as a convenience fee, and a tip jar donation in one 🙂

Click below to start your free trial, or get more info at Amazon:


Get the Polka Dot Cottage Android app!  This one is neat for those of you with Android smartphones or tablets.  When there is a new post to read, the app downloads it and sets a notification alert to let you know.  You can then read the post right there on your phone, within the app.

The app is not available in the Android Market.  I want to gauge interest first, before I plunk down the developer’s fee.  If enough of you are into this idea, I’ll do it, but for now you can download the app directly from me by scanning this QR code with your phone or tablet The app is now available in the Android Market. Scan this code with your device, or click the code to download:

The tool I used to create the Android app is planning to include iPhone/iPad support someday, and when that happens I hope to also make an iOS Polka Dot Cottage app available. Stay tuned! In the meantime, you Apple people can still visit Polka Dot Cottage using your mobile browser. I have done some work recently to make the site more easy to view on the go.  (That’s an example of it, below.)

If you have trouble with any of these newfangled doohickeys, or suggestions for other time-vortex-inducing blog-related nerd projects I could undertake, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let me know!  My goal is to make the content here available to you in whichever format best fits your lifestyle. Be sure to visit the left sidebar over there whenever you need to see what your blog-following options are… I’m pretty sure there’s a flavor for everybody, at this point!

P.S. Feedback always welcome 🙂



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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Getting your regular dose of Polka Dots

  1. Hooray for all things android! I’m not sure this is something I’d actually use, though, as I really love to sit and look through all my blogs (via Google Reader, an RSS) on my nice big (enough for me) screen where I can really see all the pretty details.
    I will download the app, though, to play with for a while and to see if captures my long-term interest.

  2. Wow! great ideas using technology. Not sure I would use them myself but knowing they are available sounds good to me. I read a review about a new place for eating out in Atlanta using the ultimate in technology.
    Sounds like an intersting place.
    Happy Week

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