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Project :: Granny Square : Table Runner

Ready for another Project::GrannySquare object? This one is a table runner, and with eighteen squares, it’s the largest project I’ve made so far.  My parents recently redecorated their living room / dining room, and so my mom and I worked together to choose colors and a design that coordinated nicely with the new paint and carpet colors.

365 day 227 - Table runner for Mom

Project #4: Table Runner

For: My mother

Squares used: 18 (10 five-round three-color, 2 five-round four-color, 6 five-round one-color)

Step 1: Modify and/or supplement the squares

These squares were all the same size to start, and I had exactly the number I needed, so this step didn’t actually happen.

All I had to do was figure out how to arrange them, and for that I consulted with my mother.  (We made most of the design decisions together.)

Step 2: Join the squares

I constructed this project differently than any of my previous ones.  I began with the center stripe, crocheting a row of gray around each square and connecting the squares as I went.  Then I crocheted another round of gray around the entire stripe.

Next was the bottom row, and I constructed this one in the same way, except I used a light green around the squares, and on the final pass around the entire stripe, I joined it to the center stripe as I went.

The top row was done in exactly the same manner.

Step 3: Finish and enjoy

The runner needed a border, and while I was originally going to just do two rounds of dark gray, it occurred to me that it would be nice to have something to coordinate with the off white from the center stripe.

I did one round of white, followed by a round of gray.  Then I blocked it, and that was it!

Now it lives happily on my parents’ dining room table.  At least until the cat decides he likes that spot for a cozy little nap…


Project #4, used eighteen of Granny’s squares, and roughly 300 yards of new yarn in three colors.

The original blocks were most likely made from worsted weight acrylic yarn, or some kind of acrylic/wool blend.  All of the additional yarn I used was a washable acrylic/wool blend (Ella Rae Amity) or a superwash merino/wool blend (Nashua Creative Focus).

I used a G (4mm) hook.

As with the previous two projects, I joined the squares this way.

Before and after.

Next on the list?  A (very) small throw for my sister’s couch…


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