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Beginner Button Class – Asymmetrical Stripe Buttons

So how was Lesson Two of the Beginner Button Class for you?  There weren’t very many comments or additions to the gallery.  Don’t be shy!  If you have questions, please ask them.  And if you make the buttons, please show them off! The galleries will remain open for at least a month after the lessons […]

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Shop talk

When I first created this shop, it was designed around my work at the time, which was almost entirely in Millefiori Polymer Clay. It worked well at the time. In the last four years, my work has evolved to include other materials, and even other techniques in the polymer itself. I don’t think the layout of the shop has worked for some time, and I am ready to do something about it.

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Beginner Button Class – Striped Snail Shells

Welcome back to the Beginner Button Class! I hope you were able to complete Lesson One without too much trouble. Have you been taking advantage of the gallery at the end of the post? Add your own buttons. Visit your classmates who have added theirs, and add a comment of support on their blogs. For […]

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Blame my attention span

It’s raining hearts.  Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂 I sat down at the computer this evening to respond to comments and put the finishing touches on the next button-making lesson (read: write the whole thing, ahem.) but before I had a chance, my thoughts turned to fashion. I’ve been thinking about gauzy, light-weight, brightly-colored scarves lately.  […]

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So how is everybody doing with their button-making?  Anyone finish a batch yet?  Be sure to head back to the lesson and leave your link at the bottom of the page so we can all ooh and ahh properly over your accomplishment! I haven’t been playing with clay myself this week.  Know what I’ve been […]

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Touch-up Tuesday: Fun with faux Polaroids

I just got these really fun magnetic picture frames from Photojojo last week.  They are shaped like Polaroid pictures and feature a write-on/wipe-off surface – dry erase marker also included.  Fun, right?  My family loves scribbling their two-cents onto anything that will sit still long enough, so I knew they’d like these. I found a […]

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