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Victim of the ick? Hope not.

365 day 53 - Blue

I feel a little unwell at the moment, and am shutting down my computer for the night.  Why do you need to know this?  Maybe you don’t.  But maybe you are waiting for me to process your Polka Dot Creations order.  Or maybe you’ve emailed me a question that I have not yet responded to.  Or, perhaps you are eager for the next installment of the Beginner Button Class.

Last week I was very very busy getting the new From Polymer to Art and the new Clay Classics out the door.  Then I was preparing for Aidan’s birthday party.  Then I was having the party.  Last night, halfway into his celebration, Aidan started to feel unwell, and spent much of the ensuing night up with the stomach bug.  (Happy Birthday, poor kid.)

Today, I relaxed. And tonight just as I have started to work on my email, I have begun feeling unwell, too.  I’m hoping I just threw back my can of soda and leftover pizza in an unladylike manner and that this feeling will pass in a few.  But just in case it doesn’t, and I’m down for the count, well, I wanted to let you all know why I am MIA and why my commitments are falling behind.

Fingers crossed it’s just gas… (ugh, great topic, I know.  If it turns out to be a false alarm, I am totally deleting this post tomorrow!)



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