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The latest issue of Artful Blogging arrived today, and as I flipped through the pages, looking at all of the gorgeous photography, and reading some of the bloggers’ stories, I got to thinking about my own blogging experience, and what I would write about if given the opportunity. When I posted my introduction in September […]

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Spring break

Our town’s Spring Break is this week.  Eamonn’s preschool is in another town, and his break was about a month ago.  So, Aidan and I are getting some rare one-on-one time.  This morning we dropped off the little guy and then went to Panera for a leisurely breakfast.  He feasted on a pumpkin muffin top […]

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It must be spring.  My thoughts have turned to nature and fabric.  I’m thinking about dogwood blossoms, skirt-making, and cheery colors this week.  The windows are open wide today, and I’m in my favorite living room chair, typing and enjoying the breeze in the hour I have left before preschool pickup. Sometime today I need […]

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Oh, so fickle!

I had my blog redesign up for less than 24 hours, I think, before I changed it.  I thought it made it look too much like this was all about little people.  Well, it’s not.  It’s all about me, darn it!  😀 Me! Me! Look what I made! Look what I did! Listen to what […]

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