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Tinker, tinker, tinker

New Blog Design

I changed around my blog design a little bit – what do you think?  I replaced the old header with a more photographic one, which I intend to change regularly with the seasons, or my whims.  I changed the background to match a color I picked out of the photo, and I changed around my sidebar some more, too.

That poor sidebar can never get too comfortable, because I’m always changing it around!  I just want to be able to include all of the information I want there without having it be gigantically long.  At the moment, I’m happy.  But ask me next week and you may get a different answer 😀

I’m thinking of doing something similar with the other sections of my website – making the header more of a photographic thing that I can change easily depending on what books/creations I find most aesthetically pleasing at the time.

I think maybe I have too much fun playing with this stuff!

Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “Tinker, tinker, tinker

  1. I like it. Love the replicated header with the son on it. Best creation ever I am thinking 😀

    1. Well, one of two best creations. And I had help with them 😉

  2. well yah…one of two. that was a given 🙂 Ya mean you didn’t do it all alone? *gasp*

    wanna come help me rip out carpeting?

    1. Um, no. But thanks for asking 😉

      1. What?? ripping out carpet doesn’t sound like fun? but is going to be nice and warm and sunny here… can go swimming afterwards and get some color on those blinding white feet of yours :))

        1. Oh, ouch! 😉 It’s already 70 degrees here at 11:30 in the morning, so I think I’m covered nice-weather-wise. You’re just going to have to come to terms with taking care of that carpet alone, LOL!

          1. *sigh* I guess if I must 😉 I only have two rooms left to do as it is. considering there is 1200 sq ft, I think I am doing pretty darn good. Um…it’s going to be 90 here….and no humidity 🙂

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