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White out

I think I am done with winter.  How about you?  (Is it really still only January?  Ugh.) P.S. Thanks for the encouragement on my last post.  I’m 8 inches into the wrap, and the dress pattern has arrived in the mail, so there’s progress!

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Colors of home

Eren’s post on the colors of Coastal Maine struck a chord with me.  With every year I fall more and more in love with the colors of the Jersey Shore.  The sandy beiges, the blues of the sea and sky… Yummy.  But I remember last May, after spending five days in Ocean City, I was […]

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Dear Mother Nature

I would like to respectfully suggest a small change to the seasons in New Jersey.  You see, currently the leaves are gone from the trees by the end of October, the cold moves in, and we don’t see spring until at least Tax Day.  That’s six months of blech.  Cold blech, most of the time.  […]

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Herb Croutons

  I brought a tossed salad to a Father’s Day BBQ today.  I gathered most of the ingredients from the Morristown Farmers’ Market this morning, and had intended to make my own salad dressing and croutons, too.  I vaguely remember having done both before, but not being pleased enough with the results to repeat the […]

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