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Winterglow, and Other Playlists

Winterglow a new winter playlist from Polka Dot Radio
I’ve got some winter playlists to tell you about!


First up is Winterglow, and it’s just like my usual seasonal playlists: mostly indie folk and pop, with a loose winter theme. I say “loose” because there are probably two or three songs explicitly about winter, and the rest are just NOT about some other season 😁

This one is good for everyday listening.

(The cover is from a picture I took in a diner parking lot, back in the Before Times, when eating out was something we did)

Winter Radio

Then there’s Winter Radio, which is a compilation of all of my previous winter playlists arranged in reverse chronological order. There are 195 tracks here, or 12 hours of music. You can get up at 7am, press Play, and listen to it in order, ending at 7pm. Or just shuffle it up and let it surprise you like an actual radio station.

Either way, you should click through to Spotify if you want the full effect of this playlist, since it has more tracks than this embedded player can handle 🙂

Songs for a Snow Day

Songs for a Snow Day playlist by Polka Dot RadioLast but not least, here is one that will probably always be a work in progress. Songs for a Snow Day is a little playlist of my favorite songs with winter themes. I will add to this one as I discover new music that I think is appropriate. If you have any suggestions for songs that would be at home here, please do let me know! I’d like to include more tracks that are well-known, to fit in among some of my more obscure choices 🙂

I made this playlist because sometimes, when the snow is falling down outside, you just want to lean into that very winter feeling.

(The cover is a picture I found when I searched my Google Photos for the word snow. It’s an image of my grandmother, my dad, and his older brother, presumably taken by my grandfather in [I’m guessing] 1947.)


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