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Afternoon Light Roast

Afternoon Light Roast
I got a new (used) car in September, and one of my favorite things about it is that I can listen to mp3s while I’m driving. I know this is old news for most people but it’s still a novelty for me.

A while back I went through my old cassette tapes, which are completely impossible to enjoy without a cassette player. I took all of the covers, scanned them into the computer, and then one-by-one recreated the mixes as playlists in Google Music (where I store all of my tunes). Additionally, I saved playlists for all of the CDs I’ve ever made.

I now have a LOT of playlists in Google Music.

IMG_20141229_160722 copy

My mom gave me a nice mp3 player for Christmas this year, and it has enough storage for me to put all of my playlists on it. I can’t tell you what a little thrill it is to have every decent mix I’ve made since 1992 available in the palm of my hand, and at the touch of a button! Technology is so cool.

So now with all of this technology at my disposal, I am no longer constrained by the length of a regular CD. When I want to make a playlist, I can make it as long or as short as I want to, and there’s no need to burn it to CD.

So today I made a 120-minute playlist and burned it to CD for the car. Clearly, I have some moving-on to do…

2015 12/365

I have had this new playlist brewing for a few weeks (get it? brewing?) and I just made the final selections today.

The title doesn’t really have much significance, other than the fact that I liked this image (from my month of mugs series last year) and lately I have started enjoying a mid-afternoon cup of coffee. Either I brew one myself, or I stop in at Starbucks for a Blonde Roast.

This playlist is pretty upbeat, kind of a shot of midday energy (not unlike a caffeinated beverage might be). Pour yourself a cup and have a listen 🙂

Afternoon Light Roast from lclarke522 on 8tracks Radio.

A track list, if you are interested:

1 – Aidan Clarke – Ultimate Revolution
2 – The Little Estate – Keep Me Warm (feat. Erin Bowman)
3 – Good Old War – Looking For Shelter
4 – The Unlikely Candidates – Just Breathe
5 – Like Swimming – Go Buffalo
6 – Rachel Sermanni – The Fog
7 – Grand Archives – A Setting Sun
8 – The Clientele – We Could Walk Together
9 – Ruby the RabbitFoot – Ways
10 – Landon Pigg – Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop
11 – Twin Forks – Scraping Up The Pieces
12 – Better Than Ezra – Diamond In My Pocket
13 – Beachwood Sparks – Make It Together
14 – The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger
15 – The Mowgli’s – San Francisco
16 – Kongos – Come With Me Now
17 – von Grey – Coming For You
18 – Kaiser Chiefs – Coming Home
19 – The Head and the Heart – Homecoming Heroes
20 – Desert Noises – What the World Made
21 – Fountains Of Wayne – Trains And Boats And Planes
22 – Branches – Helicopter
23 – William Shatner – Common People

Enjoy! Oh, and if you’re in the mood for something wintery, how about last year’s Snow Day mix? That one’s been getting a lot of airplay in my car lately.

As for Afternoon Light Roast, and the fact that I went with your basic CD-length mix, well, it seems I enjoy the constraints that the CD format imposes on me. And I enjoy designing a cover and making a CD case.

Maybe I’ll get over that someday and maybe I won’t. No biggie 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Afternoon Light Roast

  1. I can’t let go of physical mix tapes either. My boyfriend always says just make a playlist and plug in your ipod, but it’s not the same as handing someone a cd of songs you hand picked for them.

    1. Exactly! And part of the fun for me is making the cover. It’s hard to fully enjoy that without a physical CD.

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