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May I take your order, please?

New crochet hooks at Polka Dot Cottage!

New crochet hooks at Polka Dot Cottage!

I was on such a roll with the millefiori-making for the last several days, but I had to force myself to stop. It was fun, but the longer I spent doing that, the less time there would be left to fill customer orders, and I would hate to short change any of you!

So, like a good little worker bee, I slipped out of my cane-making hat and slipped on my webmaster hat yesterday. I haven’t tried to take custom orders since I redesigned this website last winter, and there were things that needed to be dealt with.

New seam rippers at Polka Dot Cottage!

New seam rippers at Polka Dot Cottage!

It took me all day, but I got it where I wanted it, and today I am happy to invite you to visit the shop and place your custom orders!

All of the old favorites are back, and I’m introducing the new kids on the block: seam rippers!


There are 12 patterns available to choose from this time. Usually, I do nine, but like I said above, I was on a roll 😀

You can request any one of these patterns on any of my products. Or you can have me just pick whichever one I like if you are the indecisive type.

Miscellanous cane designs

Also, there are a handful of random patterns that are either from previous years, or are kaleidoscopic re-workings of older canes and scraps. These may be in very short supply, and can disappear at any time, so they are not listed as options. I will, however, be making use of some of them when I work up some ready-to-ship items, and I’m also willing to use them by request if you see a design you just must have!

Custom ordering will only be open until November 30th -or- until I have as many orders as I can realistically handle before Christmas.

My goal is to get all orders shipped before mid-December, so I must necessarily place limits on the number of pieces I can make. If you have your eye on something, it’s best not to delay!

Please have a look around, and let me know if you run into any trouble, or have any questions!


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “May I take your order, please?

  1. Please start doing your darling Christmas ornaments again!!!

    1. I’m seriously considering doing a (VERY) small batch this year. If I do, I will make sure I let everyone know on the blog and the mailing list. Thanks for your interest!

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