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Snow day!

Our own personal snow storm

It may surprise you to hear that I don’t have a history of doing crafty projects with my kids all of the time.  My kids are plenty creative, but they’ve always preferred to do their making on their own terms.  They’re not much for planned projects.  That’s why, when I said, “hey, do you guys want to make some snowflakes?” it took roughly two weeks for someone to finally take me up on it.

Making snowflakes

My little victim partner this time was Eamonn, who had enough patience to make four snowflakes – two that were technical disasters and two that were quite fetching, as paper snowflakes go.  The trick, I told him after the first two fell apart in his hands, is to make sure you don’t completely cut the folded side.  That folded side is what is holding the whole thing together.

We hung our snowflakes, his two and my four, in the dining room.  We may not have a table in here still, but we’ve got our own personal small-scale Winter wonderland.

Walking through the snow

In fact, a table would just get in the way… a guy’s gotta be able to take a stroll through the falling snow when he wants to, doesn’t he?

Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Snow day!

  1. My boys will suffer through my crafty endeavors for my sake…sometimes they really enjoy them, other times they just humor me. My littlest really does enjoy all kinds of crafts and will willingly do anything I put in front of him. Eldest, not so much. Unless it has to do with Star Wars or werewolves or Legos he just wants to git ‘er done and git out 😉 The snowflakes are lovely…makes me wish we had a hanging light fixture I could con the boys into helping me decorate!

    1. Yeah, “git ‘er done and git out” pretty much describes the organized craft endeavors here, too. Boys!

  2. My kids wouldnt make snowflakes with me, so I did it myself. LOL Yours turned out great! Eamonn is getting tall. 🙂

    1. Oh, I know! He’s not so little anymore. I miss “little.” *sigh*

  3. I lurk a lot and have enjoyed your blog for ages. Thanks for allowing us a little window into your life. Really lovely.

    Umm, this may sound funny, but as the table is missing… why leave the chairs in place as if it’s there. I mean, are you hoping a visitor might think you have a crystal clear glass table instead of a wooden one? 🙂

    I laughed and laughed the first time I saw your chair arragement. It just seemed… so whimsical and lovely.

    Again, thanks so much for sharing.

    Best wishes,
    (in a rainy and cold Wales, UK)

    1. Well, my initial thought was that my husband would be amused enough by the arrangement to run right down to the basement and get the pieces of the table to put it back together. That didn’t happen, but I am stubbornly optimistic that it will. (If I’m still waiting next week, I think I will either set up a card table there, or try to lug the table up from the basement myself!)

      I’m glad you spoke up! Thanks for your kind words and for reading 🙂

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