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Morning Coffee with Erin Harris

Welcome to the second installment of my Morning Coffee series of interviews! Fill up your cup and join us. Today we’ll be chatting with Erin Harris of House on Hill Road.

House on Hill Road

What Draws me to House on Hill Road

I don’t remember where I first came across House on Hill Road, but I know I’ve been a fan for at least two years.  Erin does a lot of the same things I have recently begun to do, but she’s been doing them since she was young, and is much better at them than I am.  It gives me something to strive towards, really.  Her Picnic Blanket with Rock Pockets heavily influenced my own beach quilt.  And let’s not get into the unhealthy obsession that was triggered by her Rose Hill Hat…  I’ve picked up many little tips and tricks in the course of her show-and-tells.

Erin loves green as much as I do, and we share a birthday to boot.  Same year and everything.  So, really, what’s not to like?

Q&A with Erin Harris

Erin’s blog is brimming with beautiful quilts, and lovely knitted objects.  She is a regular stop on crafty blog book tours, and her photos are so pretty, they often become part of my flickr favorites mosaics.

Hillroad: quilt

Welcome Erin! When and why did you start your blog?

I started my blog three years ago after doing a google search for kids crafts.  The first site that I landed on was Soulemama and from there I went from craft blog to craft blog and was amazed at the talented people doing the same kinds of things that I enjoy doing.  After three or four months of reading behind the scenes, I jumped the gun and started House on Hill Road.

Has your blog evolved significantly since you began it, and if so, how?

The blog started out more as a day to day chronicle of what I was making and how I spent my time with my children.  As time has gone on, I still blog about the crafts, but less and less about my kids.  I want to respect their privacy – I think it’s important to remember that as they get older, they may not want their photos published on the internet or that they may completely embarrassed over what I consider a cute story.  I still do mention them from time to time – they obviously are a big part of me and great inspiration for my art.  And really, I think that most readers are more interested in what I am making than what my kids are up to.  Well, everyone except the grandparents, of course!

Hillroad: pillow

How does your blog fit in to your daily life?

My blog routines change depending on what else is going on at the time.  During the summer, when our days are less structured and my free time comes at different hours, I’ll post whenever I feel like it.  Now that the kids are in school for the year, most of my blogging happens in the morning after they have been dropped off at school and I am enjoying my second cup of coffee.

Is blogging something you can easily explain to your family and friends?

I don’t make a point of telling many people about it because it is hard to explain.  Some of my family and friends read the blog, some don’t.  I do think that those who take a bigger interest in it understand me better, or at least understand why I do what I do.

Hillroad: button

How important are reader comments to you?

I like comments because I like feedback.  That said, I would still be making the same things that I make with or without the feedback, with or without the comments, and really, with or without the blog.  Also, I find it interesting to see what people really respond to.  Sometimes I post something that I really love and there isn’t much response at all.  And then there are those times when I post something and I am overwhelmed by the feedback I do receive.   I also like the sense of community that comments bring to blogging.  Comments have started dialogues that never would have taken place without them.  I have made many good friends, too.  That alone makes comments worth it for me.

In what ways has blogging enhanced your life, if any?

Well, certainly blogging has given me some opportunities that I wouldn’t have necessarily had otherwise.  My patterns have been published in books and magazines – I am fairly certain that I wouldn’t have pursued those opportunities on my own.  I have made wonderful, life-long friends because of blogging, too.  Silly as it may sound, it’s true.  And of course, I have been inspired countless times by those whose blogs I read and by the people who read my blog.  That is pretty wonderful, too.  Oh, and I take a gazillion more photos than I used to.  I like to think that my kids will thank me for that later on.

Hillroad: flowers

Thank you, Erin, for dropping by today, answering my questions, and providing your lovely photos!

Want more? You can find Erin in the following places:

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11 thoughts on “Morning Coffee with Erin Harris

  1. I’ve been following Erin ever since I found her Rose Hill hat. This was a lovely interview. I enjoyed poking around your site too.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it – thanks for poking around and for your feedback!

  2. I love House on Hill Road. I always love what she posts, what she makes and her sincerity.

    1. Yes, me too. I’m glad you dropped by!

  3. Another great interview, Lisa!
    .-= See beki’s latest blog post: distracted =-.

    1. Thanks, Beki!

  4. I adore Erin and her blog. It’s usually my first daily read! And I’m happy to say that I count Erin as a real *friend*, too.
    .-= See Grace’s latest blog post: The Three Brothers and the Apple Tree =-.

  5. i love her blog and all the fun stuff she does. thanks for having her share it.
    .-= See becky’s latest blog post: My labors-Weekend =-.

  6. lovely interview! I have be follwing erin’s blog for quite some time and I love it as much as I love your’s. both are very inspirational and I wish I had more time to do all the projects which are in my mind! cheers from finally very sunny ireland eliane
    .-= See Eliane’s latest blog post: herbstliches | autumn =-.

  7. loved that you shared a bit of erin!
    .-= See leslie’s latest blog post: the other side =-.

  8. Thanks, everyone – glad you enjoyed the interview!

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