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The Deserted Village of Feltville

File this one under “Weird Stuff in Your Own Back Yard That You Never Visited Before Despite Living Here for Twenty-Five Years.” It’s the Deserted Village of Feltville, in the Watchung Reservation, less than 20 minutes away from home.

These pictures were taken with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra).

I could imagine that this place would be really creepy at night, but in the late afternoon at the end of May, when Aidan and I were wandering around, it was peaceful and nice. Most of the buildings were too damaged to get up close, but there were a couple of them with porches that you could stand on, which allowed you to look in the windows. I especially enjoyed getting a peek inside.


I also took some photos with my new camera, a Canon EOS Rebel 2000, which is actually anything but new. It’s a 35mm film camera from 1999, which I got off of eBay for $26. I love that these old SLR cameras are becoming so affordable these days. I wanted this one because it has controls that are very similar to my fancy digital camera, the Canon EOS 80D. Using it is a familiar experience, and I don’t have to think too hard or context switch too much when I’m shooting with both film and digital.  Best of all, I can share lenses between the two cameras. I didn’t have to buy a lens with this new (old) one because I already had a perfect lens to fit it.

When we went to the village, I had a few shots left on an expired roll of Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400. They’re the first three images in the gallery below. After that I switched to a more artsy film stock that I got from Neil for my birthday: CineStill 400D. The rest of the images were taken with that.

As long as I am enjoying taking pictures lately, I am going to ride this momentum into more local sightseeing, as I mentioned last week. There are so many cool places around here that don’t take too long to get to. And I like looking back on those little adventures. Like, that time I went to Frenchtown by myself. That was awesome. More of that, coming up!


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