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TWiP: Hot Dogs, Glazed Carrots, and Strawberries

This week I had grilled hot dogs twice. My favorite Summer meal. And I whipped up a little heart-healthy strawberry dessert for Neil’s birthday. As for glazed carrots? I actually think carrots are much better raw than they are cooked, so in this case, “glazed carrot” refers to that lovely orangey-red in the shawl I’ve been knitting. It’s the name Malabrigo gave to that color πŸ˜€

So, what is This Week in Pictures?

It’s a roundup of the photos I shot for Project 365 (the occasional when-I-feel-like-it theme for 2017 is “words”), plus some snapshots I posted on Instagram during the previous week.

πŸ“· = taken with my Canon DSLR
πŸ“± = taken with my Samsung phone

Ready? Cast your mind back to this time last week…


365 πŸ“·: 2017 224/365 – My nephew, the newly-minted college graduate flipping burgers for the fam. [Taken at my parents’ house.]


365 πŸ“·: 2017 225/365 – Tis the season for grilled hot dogs! Two days in a row, and I’m not complaining…


365 πŸ“·: 2017 226/365 – I’m not sure if I’m going to do any knitting tonight. It’s kind of pretty just sitting there in the basket.


365 πŸ“·: 2017 227/365 – I sat down at the clay table for the first time in a while tonight. I was trying to copy an old cane that I no longer remember how to make. I didn’t do half bad, but it’s not perfect. I have to decide if it’s good enough, or if I need to buy more clay and try again.


365 πŸ“·: 2017 228/365 – That moment when you finally get tired of your low rise jeans strangling you around the middle, and buy yourself a more forgiving cut.


365 πŸ“·: 2017 229/365 – Happy Birthday to Neil!


365 πŸ“·: 2017 230/365 – It. Is. Pouring. for taking a peek at this week’s photos! If you want to see this stuff as it happens, please feel free to follow me on Flickr and/or Instagram.

I may already have plans to blog about some of these things in greater detail over the coming week, but be sure to leave a comment if there’s something in particular you want to know about!

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3 thoughts on “TWiP: Hot Dogs, Glazed Carrots, and Strawberries

  1. I love the way this shawl is coming along now. All that light color in one spot was a bit jarring before.

    1. I agree. This is much better. I can’t wait to finish it, but I’ve run out of yarn and can’t work on it all weekend!

  2. Busy week!! Love the shawl and all!

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