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Polka Dot Cottage Slack Chat

You know me… Always up for trying something new on this site! Well, I have a new idea.

How about a group chat?

I’ve already set it up: Polka Dot Cottage @ Slack

You’ll need an invitation to join: Click here to have one emailed to you immediately

So, what is Slack?

I was introduced to Slack when I started my Day Job. We use it to communicate as a team, and it’s a pretty integral part of our office life. It allows us to chat one-on-one with each other, or as a group within “channels.” The channels can be public or private, and they can have any topic that you like. So for us, we’ve got topics for each of the products we make, along with general support topics, etc.

Slack is intended for business teams, but I liked it so much, I created a team for my extended family, and now we use it to easily keep in touch, plan get-togethers, and talk about whatever.

I’ve also joined a few public slack teams that are relevant to my professional life.

I’ve been inspired by how much I enjoy the Slack platform, and how much of an absolute mess my email inbox is despite regularly cleaning it out. I know that sometimes some of you leave me email and feedback messages and I never see them!

That bothers me. So, I set up Polka Dot Cottage Slack to act as a support channel, so anyone who has feedback or questions about anything in the shop can easily get a hold of me.

But I also think it can be more than that. I’ve set up channels for talking about PDC patterns & tutorials, PDC handmades, and the blog, so you can talk amongst yourselves, if you like.

And honestly, there is no reason why we have to keep this to be entirely about the exact content you find here at PDC. That could get old fast. I’d be happy to start other channels for other topics you might want to talk about, like knitting or polymer clay.

PDC Slack could be the first public crafty Slack team!

I thought we should start small, though, and see how it goes before I start adding stuff willy nilly 😀

So, would anyone like to join up? If you’re shy, there’s no pressure to talk at first. Just wander around and see what’s up!

Slack has apps for just about every platform (mobile and desktop), but you don’t have to download any of them, if you don’t want to. You can access any slack team through your browser on your computer.

Hope to see you there!


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