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Lakeside Forest Blanket – UPGRADED!

Lakeside Forest Blanket, pattern and step-by-step tutorial at Polka Dot Cottage

I can’t remember how much of my new business plan I have shared with you here. I don’t mean Business Plan, as in something I can show to banks in exchange for a windfall of money to play with. I just mean, I have a new plan in mind. For my business.

Essentially the plan is to do this stuff every month:

  • Design a new project
  • Make the project
  • Write a tutorial
  • Make a video of basic skills necessary for the project
  • Upgrade an old PDF
  • Take a week to fill custom orders (if there’s time)

Well, the first month is nearly under my belt, and I think I’d be safe in saying that it has been a success. I took care of the first four bullet points with the launch of the Mod Floral Blanket, and now today I am sharing the new and improved Lakeside Forest Blanket pattern and tutorial. Yay!

Lakeside Forest Blanket at Polka Dot Cottage

All of the information has been re-organized and re-presented in a more aesthetically-pleasing manner. It’s easier to read, and easier to separate out the more sidebar-ish information (the art of choosing colors, for instance) from the main pattern tutorial. The whole thing is just a lot more professional-looking, and a more pleasant read. And now it is consistent with the look of the new patterns I’ve been publishing lately.

Take a peek at the sales page for all of the details (required skills, what you’ll learn, etc.).

Happy Crocheting!

P.S. That last bullet point? The one about custom orders? I have managed to make that possible this month, too. If you want to get in on that, you should hurry. Custom ordering closes on September 30th, which is sooner than you think! Check it out.


Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Lakeside Forest Blanket – UPGRADED!

  1. Goal-setting is a beautiful thing! And the new pattern layout looks great! Really user-friendly. I feel inspired to accomplish something now!

    1. Thanks, Laura! And yes, I feel so much more purposeful in my actions these days. I hadn’t realized just how much pointless futzing around I am prone to!

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