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Boy, was it foggy

Despite the fact that we are now on our third year of having kids in school full time, it just doesn’t occur to us that we could have dates during the day. That changed last week when Neil suggested that he take a day off so we could go to the beach. By ourselves. What a concept!

So yesterday, on the first day of Spring, we set out in the morning fog and chill towards what promised to be a sun-shiny seventy-degree unseasonably-beautiful day in Ocean Grove.

This blogging thing is funny.  You get an idea in your mind about what you want to say, you let it percolate for an hour or a day, and then you sit down to write.  Sometimes, you read other blogs in the meantime, and sometimes you find out that those people have written about much the same thing that was on your mind.

Lucy at Attic24 spent yesterday at the sea with her husband and without her older children, too. And she posted photo after photo of the lovely English seaside. She gushed over every detail of her day, and I read her happy post aloud to Eamonn this morning while we snuggled in my bed before getting up for the morning.  It was a nice post, and it kind of put my not-yet-penned potential post to shame.

Really, I was just going to show you a small handful of pictures and say, “boy, was it foggy, but we had fun anyway.”

Well, that would be the truth, short as it is of details.

The morning fog remained nearly the entire time we were there, getting significantly worse the closer we got to the beach. I was glad that I had brought a heavier sweater with me, as it was only about 55 degrees and breezy. We couldn’t see the ocean at all, but we could hear it.

The camera was able to pick up more detail than my eyes were.  In fact, the lack of visibility on the beach was a little bit frightening. I heard a dog bark nearby, but I couldn’t see it.   What if it wasn’t on a leash? That was enough for me. Back to the boardwalk, I suggested.

The fog did begin to lift as we were walking back to the car.

And by the time we drove out of town, the fog had dissipated completely. It was suddenly sunny and beautiful!   It wasn’t exactly the beach day we’d been planning, but it really was par for the course in March, after all.  In the 3 hours we were there, we’d done a little shopping, a little eating, a little walking, and really had a pleasant day, despite not being able to see twenty feet in front of us much of the time.

Boy, was it foggy, but we had fun anyway 🙂

Ironically, when we got home an hour later, it was 75 degrees, clear, and positively gorgeous.  Spring, eh?


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Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Boy, was it foggy

  1. That is so beautiful! Looks like you guys had a great time.

    1. We did, thanks. The downtown itself wasn’t too foggy, so we could see where we were going while we did a little shopping 🙂

  2. Thank you for deciding to post your foggy pics. Because…I saw the quaint Victorian town through the fog and was instantly enchanted and in love. I had never heard of Ocean Grove but have spent the last hour looking up B&B’s etc. I’m ready to go. I grew up in southern California, Long Beach & Anaheim. Hubby grew up in southern Alabama, near Gulf Shores. We are now 3+ hrs. from the nearest beach, Savannah, GA. My dream vacation has always been to be able to stay at the beach for a week in the summer. Even the summer rates seem very reasonable. Love the idea that you can park the car and walk most places while you are there. You never know who or how your photos/blog will inspire! Have a great day. Robin K.

    1. Oh, how funny! That town is about an hour from us. We discovered it just a few years ago, but we love it. It’s perfect for a day trip, and it’s not your typical “jersey shore” town. While there is a lot to love about busy commercial boardwalks, there’s much to be said for a little tranquility, too! We like to go in the late afternoon during the summer and stay until 10 or 11pm. If you are looking for some less foggy info, you should check out my previous posts about our Ocean Grove experiences.

      I would love to spend a week at the beach in the summer! I hope your dream comes true 🙂

  3. After experiencing growing up on the ocean, I giggle at people who go to the beach on a warm spring day. It’s not gonna be warm there. The water is always cooler. Even now, my husband would like to live near the water, but I tell him it will be cold and foggy.
    Glad you had a good time though.

    1. It’s funny. I fully expected it to be chillier than home (an hour northwest), but the fog took me by surprise. Live and learn, I guess!

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