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The return of Morning Coffee

Be the next interviewee in Polka Dot Cottage's Morning Coffee series

Raise your hand if you remember my Morning Coffee series of blogger interviews.

If you aren’t raising your hand, you can be forgiven. It’s been a while. Almost four years, in fact, and I am ready to resurrect it.

Morning Coffee is a series of written interviews that post on Monday mornings. They feature questions and answers with creative bloggers. The idea is to give you a bit of insight into their process and motivation, and hopefully entertain you as well.

I’ve already lined up a few interviews with some favorite creative bloggers, but I’d also like to open this up to you. Do you blog about creative topics (crafts, art, photography, food, etc.) or do you spin an entertaining story? Do you consider your blog to be successful (this is, of course, a very subjective question – you are the best judge of your own success)? I’d love to interview you! Drop me a line, and we’ll talk.

I would love to have the first interview posted next Monday, and then keep this going weekly for as long as we can. I hope to hear from some of you!

Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “The return of Morning Coffee

  1. I believe the interview you did with Cindy Leitz (the last one you published?) was how I first found your blog, Lisa. It was quite a bit after the fact, as I only discovered the internet in late 2011. Cindy’s blog was one of the first I ever read, and I still follow. It was interesting rereading the interview: though Cindy’s business has evolved, many of her philosophies about crafting AND blogging are unchanged.

    I’m looking forward to reading this feature here 🙂

    1. Really? That’s so cool. The hope is always that we can share some of each others’ readers with interviews like these, but this may be the first proof I have that it actually works, LOL!

      BTW, you are a creative blogger – you should consider doing an interview…

  2. […] Martha Aleo is the force behind the blog Ornamento, and was kind enough to answer the call when I asked for reader volunteers a few weeks ago. (Would you like to join her and see your interview here? Here’s how.) […]

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