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Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a free moment or two to lounge around in her favorite chair and blog about whatever was on her mind. *sigh* I haven’t seen her in several days.  If she turns up in your neck of the woods, please send her back here.  I think […]

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Turn a Dashing Square

I’m trying to learn not to be so matchy-matchy.  I’ve been hearing lately that it’s very stylish to coordinate one’s accessories, but to match them? Not so much. This isn’t an easy lesson for me, as you might imagine, being someone who has spent much of the last fifteen years attempting to exactly match the […]

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Charm square quilt

I was tempted to show you my experiments with my new macro doohickeys, or tell you about my new 365 Project for 2011, but I could feel the collective eye-rolling from those of you who really don’t care about photography. I always get a little twitchy when I post too many times in a row […]

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