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Nipping at my heels

I think maybe I’m being bitten by the clay bug again.   Case in point: these pens


Yesterday I allowed myself to be distracted (for an hour or so) from my book store packing and shipping duties by the thought of a new pen.

I do think about clay-covered pens often (usually as I am pulling apart the couch or rifling through somebody’s backpack, desperately seeking something to write with).  Pens and pencils have a habit of disappearing around here, but it always seems to take the special clay-covered ones longer to go missing.

So, I do think about making myself a special pen often, but the thought is generally fleeting.

Yesterday, though, the idea of sitting down at the clay table to make a new pen nipped at my heels like an enthusiastic puppy, until I put down my clipboard and indulged the urge.

I really wanted a red-ink pen covered in a pattern that featured red prominently.  So I made one. And then, because I had more patterns in those same colors, and because of that darn nipping at my heels, I made three more.  Four fun-loving red pens covered in a seductively-smooth coating of red, blue, and yellow clay.

And that would have all been fine and wonderful (and the perfect place to stop) except…


…I suddenly needed (needed, I tell you) one in purple.




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Posted on 13 Comments

13 thoughts on “Nipping at my heels

  1. I LOVE the gradated one. So, so great.

    1. Thanks! I like it, too – that’s why I made two 🙂

      1. One for me? 🙂

        1. Sure, if you really want it 🙂

  2. Between these pens and the crochet hooks I dont know which I like better. Your creativeness is incredible!

    1. Aw, you’re making me blush! 🙂

  3. of COURSE you needed one in purple. EVERYONE needs a purple pen!

    1. Haha, I thought of you when I said that, actually!

  4. I’ve been nipped lately, as well. Your pens are lovely. I must make some next weekend!

    1. Pen-making is such fun, I think. In fact, it’s on my to-do list again today.

  5. Lisa, your pens look so awesome! Isn’t it wonderful when the mundane becomes art? As a link-jumper from the Polymer Clay Tutor, where I am a member, I am discovering websites I might otherwise have missed (so many sites, so little time). I love the button tutorial I purchased from you; it provides me with welcome inspiration every time I view it!

    1. Oh, absolutely – I love adding a little bit of artfulness to the mundane. That’s a great way of putting it. I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying the button tutorial. I hope you get some handy tips and tricks out of it!

  6. I have already! Serendipity strikes again… I just this month put together a new sewing/PC room, so you are inspiring me to create in both spheres. (The new craft room is courtesy of a grown son no longer needing the space; so sad that they must grow up, but nice of them to leave behind a 16′ x 13′ bedroom for Mom’s crafting pleasure LOL!)

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