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Buttons can bejewel you

Ready for another Big Button Challenge entry?  This jewelry set comes to us from Beth Ackley, in collaboration with her daughter Alaina. Stones and crystals were used that would bring out the colors in the buttons.  In the necklace, a square pearl was used to contrast the roundness of the button.  Unique, isn’t it? The […]

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Peaceful puttering

I didn’t sleep very well last night, maybe fifteen minute stretches here and there.  I was too twitchy to sleep, constantly aware that at any moment the phone beside the bed could ring and startle me awake, my heart beating frantically out of my chest.  The phone does that to me. It was an unusual […]

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Buttons can get cozy with yarn

Last week Linda Permann shared an innovative and eco-friendly way to use a 1.25-inch focal button for the Big Button Challenge. I love how she used an old pants leg for this – very clever!  Check out Linda’s blog, and read all about how she put it together, and how she plans to use it. […]

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Pillowcase party

I’ve been thrifting.  Did remarkably well, too.  I usually don’t find much, but my luck has gotten better and better since a new thrift store opened up nearby.  This weekend, I found twelve pillowcases, four sheets, and two duvet covers that needed, yes, needed to belong to my fabric stash.  I’m going to have to […]

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With all of this new jewelry, maybe I should dress up once in a while.

I miss the Hampton Inn.  I miss the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on, I miss the laptop power cord I accidentally left on the desk there, but most of all I miss the soap dish and lumbar pillow.  I know that sounds weird, but they were my props for the photo shoot on […]

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Wherein Lisa rambles through a week’s worth of show-and-tells

It all started last week, when I destroyed my new bamboo shirts and was left with nothing new to wear, despite several hours of work and even more hours of daydreaming about how nice those new bamboo shirts would have been to wear all spring and summer. That left me feeling distinctly dissatisfied, naturally, and […]

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