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Buttons can hold books closed

Another unique use for a 1.25-inch focal button was submitted to the Big Button Challenge this week.  Check out this very cool recycled book by Tala Cox. How clever is it to use grocery bags for the pages, and a thrifted purse for the binding?!  Check out Tala’s blog, where she goes into more detail […]

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Buttons can go on stamped cards

Another Big Button Challenge submission has come in!  In this unique idea, Stephanie Severin uses a 1.25-inch focal button for the center of a flower in a hand-stamped greeting card. Isn’t it pretty?  I’ll let Stephanie fill you in on how she did it on her own blog. The button Stephanie chose for her project […]

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(Mis)adventures in tub-dying

I’ve had this post planned for oh, two or three weeks.  I was going to show you this luscious bamboo fabric, the two fabulous shirts I sewed from it, and the magical transformation that came over them when I stirred them around in a few buckets of dye. There were a few glitches along the […]

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Giddy anticipation

I’m getting excited for a class I am going to take next weekend in Philadelphia.  I just booked my room, so I can easily hang around for the guild meeting the following day, and I’ve been spending this morning drooling over reacquainting myself with some of Julie Picarello‘s work. Most of the images that illustrate […]

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Buttons can go on upcycled bags…

The first of the Big Button Challenge submissions has come in!  Take a look at this fabulous altered purse by Penny Richards.   I love how she used the pattern on the button as an inspiration for the motif she painted onto the bag. Hard to believe this was once a plain brown handbag, isn’t it?  […]

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Birth days

Yesterday the youngest Clarke turned six.  Partying was done, fun was had. And today we have the dishes in the sink to prove it. What a beautiful day it is, today.  We’ve got Spring Break this week, but if the weather report is to be believed, much of it will be chilly, rainy, and gloomy.  […]

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Incoherent ramblings of a caffeinated mind

Neil says in the 14 years we’ve been married, that I’ve gotten weirder.  The term “flickr freak” was bandied about.  As you can see, my finger is on the camera trigger.  I should point out that I wasn’t insulted by that comment, and that Neil is not exactly the most normal person I’ve ever met […]

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