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Icicles on my masking tape

Wow, everybody, thanks for all of the support yesterday after I showed you my messy house. Neil wants to know how much I paid all of you to tell me “it’s ok.” Heh. I can take all of yesterday’s chatter to mean that most people have messy houses and I am perfectly normal -or- I can look at how many page-views that post got and figure that the 10 of you who are slobs spoke up, while the other 51 of you kept mum so as to avoid blurting out something like, “Holy crap! How do you live like that?” Since I’m trying to be a glass-half-full kinda gal, I’m going to assume the former. By the way, I hope you enjoyed that runon sentence up there. Just typing like I talk today.

Frozen leftovers

So, after I posted about having to go clean a few rooms, I didn’t actually do that. (Is anyone really surprised?) What I did do was clean out my freezer. I’ve been making an effort in the last few months to come up with a weekly meal plan, and to make extras of everything so that I can freeze portions for easy suppers later. Thursday is my meal plan day (because Friday is my food shopping day), and I decided that I really needed to dig into the back of the freezer and see what had been languishing for too long. “Crock Pot Meatballs” and “Fully-Cooked Pork we Don’t Know What to do With” got deep-sixed, while three other dishes got added to the plan for next week.

What was that I was saying about being disorganized? Ok, the freezer clearly doesn’t count Wink

Favorites week of February 4

My flickr favorites this week have a little bit of everything – clay, sewing, landscapes, old cars, scenes from everyday lives.  No feet this week, but  that’s ok.  Old cars and typewriter keys make a fine substitute.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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