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The easy way out

Cinnamon Sugar Rattles

This weekend I got in the mood to cook up a few things. I started with these Cinnamon Sugar Rattles from the Sneaky Chef cookbook. They’re sweetened chickpeas, roasted until crispy. Or until burned, in my case. They ended up in the trash.

Green puree

While the ill-fated rattles were cooking, I whipped up another Sneaky Chef recipe: Green Puree. This isn’t something to eat by itself, but rather something to hide by the tablespoon-full in foods that my unsuspecting family will scarf down. I have my doubts – spinach, broccoli & peas, while a lovely color, are pretty vile to a veggie-phobe such as myself. The way the kitchen smelled while I was preparing this was enough to make Neil open a window and turn on a fan. Let’s hope it does better hidden in a meatball.


Before leaving the kitchen, Neil made sure to let me know what he thought of this cookbook.

The easy way out

I did make one thing this weekend that everybody liked.  Thank goodness for slice & bake, eh?

Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “The easy way out

  1. I am thinking I need to check out this cookbook. some of the recipes sound and even look good. I wish the cinnamon rattles had turned out. I wonder how they taste

    1. Well, I popped one in my mouth before I dumped them. I didn’t like them. But then, I don’t care for chickpeas. I think I was hoping a little sugar would magically transform them into something I find palatable 😉

  2. I love what your husband did with the cook book. This post cracks me up! I’m always looking for new menu ideas. I’ll have to check out the cook book. My dad is kinda funny with food. If you tell him you’ve substituted ingredients to make it healthier, he won’t like it. We get: “Pass the salt.” “Where’s the ketchup?” Hee hee!

    Take care

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    1. Oh, yeah. I totally have to keep quiet when I make “healthy” changes or additions to a recipe. If anybody around here (child and adult alike…) thinks I’ve tampered with an old favorite, they’ll immediately be able to “taste” it 😉

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