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Step by Step Beads is here

The new issue of Step by Step Beads just arrived today (would you believe it’s already time for the November/December issues of magazines to start popping up?? Yikes!)

There’s a really nifty project by Christi Friesen called “Two Turtledoves.” Polymer clay, acrylic paint, gold leaf, and gemstones come together to make a very unique pendant. Christi’s work is so distinctive, and this is very clearly hers, yet it’s a little different than some of the other things I’ve seen her do – not as colorful (but in a good way). The turtledoves almost look like carved ivory with embedded stones. And I love how they look against the deep red velvet where they were photographed.

You can pick up a copy here:

Also recently arrived, the new issue of Dolls United, and reinforcements for several books/magazines that had been out of stock recently. See what’s new here (it’s been a slow month for polymer clay publications!):

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